From: Kelly S. McEntire
Sent: September 12, 2005
Subject: File No. 4-497

I have found an annuity contract from my wife's estate that was stored and the Utah Retirement Systems computer access website.

It is very apparent that the URS in an attempt to maximize profits had extended the time that I needed to work in order to make the Farm Home Loan Note Commodities Trades as successful as possible.

These people are without ethical standards what so ever and have manipulated these events based on perceived inability to exercise control over the situation by the recipient.

Multiple conflicts of interest abound. The state doesn't want to get sued so they have modified all rules governing judicial review of contested information.

The Bank of Utah who is holding one of the trust accounts is owned by Mr. Browning who was a former Commission Chairman and the troops are rallying to his aid.

The same person that oversaw my judicial review, compensation package, and was a member in the trust company, also is involved in establishing the guidelines for State Employees that deny them the proper right to an appeal.

This is insurance fraud at it's finest, not to mention identity theft of my wife's commodity accounts and passing the tax consequences off on the employee.

Has allowed arbitrary treatment of trusts based on the desired outcome. If it is not claimed it just disappears, if it is then the value is suppressed by making the security holder trade that for an annuity contract that has a cash value of 20% of the securities being held.

I will be meeting with my attorney on Friday and will be submitting the ownership forms from my son with the idea that I will become licensed and oversee the activities of the trust.

Also by forcing the employee out of the trust the trustee can exempt him from any financial reward based on bankruptcy or reimbursement by the Justice Department.

Sincerely Yours

Kelly S. McEntire and Family
Complaint #I05090920354469