Open Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Item 1: Prohibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests in, and Relationships with, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds
Office: Divisions of Trading and Markets and Investment Management

Brett Redfearn, Heather Seidel, Carol McGee, Andrew Bernstein, Sophia Colas, Sam Litz – Trading and Markets

Dalia Blass, Paul Cellupica, Brian McLaughlin Johnson, Sara Cortes, Aaron Gilbride, Matthew Cook, Nicholas Cordell – Investment Management

The Commission will consider whether to propose amendments to rules adopted under section 13 of the Bank Holding Company Act related to prohibitions and restrictions on proprietary trading and certain interests in, and relationships with, hedge funds and private equity funds (commonly known as the "Volcker rule").

For further information, please contact Andrew Bernstein in the Division of Trading and Markets at 202-551-5777 or Brian McLaughlin Johnson in the Division of Investment Management at 202 551-6792.