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Open Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
2:00 p.m.

Agenda as of January 30, 2007. Note that Open Meeting agendas are subject to last-minute changes.

Item 1: Extension of Interactive Data Voluntary Reporting Program on the EDGAR System to Include Mutual Fund Risk/Return Summary Information
Office:  Division of Investment Management
Staff:  Susan Nash, Brent J. Fields, Christopher P. Kaiser, Alberto H. Zapata
Item 2: Oversight of Credit Rating Agencies Registered as Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations
Office:  Division of Market Regulation
Staff: Robert L.D. Colby, Michael A. Macchiaroli, Thomas K. McGowan, Randall W. Roy, Sheila Swartz, Rose Russo Wells

* * *

Item 1:

The Commission will consider whether to propose amendments to extend its interactive data voluntary reporting program to permit mutual funds to submit as exhibits to their registration statements supplemental tagged information contained in the risk/return summary section of their prospectuses. The risk/return summary section contains key mutual fund information, including investment objectives and strategies, risks, and costs.

For further information, please contact Alberto Zapata at (202) 551-6929.

Item 2:

The Commission will consider whether to propose rules to implement provisions of the Credit Rating Agency Reform Act of 2006.

For further information, please contact Randall Roy at (202) 551-5522 or Rose Russo Wells at (202) 551-5527.



Modified: 01/30/2006