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Request for Records Search by Securities-Related Entities, Including Brokers, Dealers, Investment Advisers, Investment Companies, Municipal Securities Dealers and Transfer Agents



Washington, D.C., September 26, 2001 – On September 23, 2001, President Bush signed an executive order freezing United States assets of and blocking transactions with 27 individuals and organizations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also published a list of people who are under investigation in connection with the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The Commission asks that all securities-related entities (whether or not registered with the SEC) voluntarily check their records for any relationships or transactions with the individuals and organizations named in the executive order or FBI's list. Names on those lists are set forth below.

We are asking all securities-related entities, including brokers, dealers, investment advisers, investment companies, municipal securities dealers, and transfer agents, for your help. If you know of any relationship (for example, an account), or a transaction (such as the purchase or sale of securities or a wire transfer), with any of the individuals or organizations on this list, please let us know. You may send this information via:

  • E-mail to Enf-Search@sec.gov (please put on the subject line "Enf-Search Request"); (UPDATE: this e-mail address is no longer active, new link is: https://denebleo.sec.gov/TCRExternal/disclaimer.xhtml) or
  • U.S. mail to United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20549-0801, Attn: Executive Order Records Search.

We also ask securities-related entities to advise any foreign subsidiaries and affiliates of this request. If foreign subsidiaries or affiliates identify any responsive information, we ask the securities-related entities to notify the SEC in the manner described above, so that we may take appropriate steps to obtain the information.

List of Individuals and Entities

  • Al Qaida/Islamic Army (or Al Qaeda)
  • Abu Sayyaf Group
  • Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
  • Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM)
  • Al-Jihad (Egyptian Islamic Jihad)
  • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)
  • Asbat al-Ansar
  • Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC)
  • Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
  • Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya (AIAI)
  • Islamic Army of Aden
  • Usama bin Laden (or Osama bin Laden)
  • Muhammad Atif (aka, Subhi Abu Sitta, Abu Hafs Al Masri)
  • Sayf al-Adi
  • Shaykh Sai'id (aka, Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad)
  • Abu Hafs the Mauritanian (aka, Mahfouz Ould al-Walid, Khalid Al-Shanqiti)
  • Ibn Al-Shaykh al-Libi
  • Abu Zubaydah (aka, Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, Tariq)
  • Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi (aka, Abu Abdallah)
  • Ayman al-Zawahri
  • Thirwat Salah Shihata
  • Tariq Anwar al-Sayyid Ahmad (aka, Fathi, Amr al-Fatih)
  • Muhammad Salah (aka, Nasr Fahmi Nasr Hasanayn)
  • Makhtab Al-Khidamat/Al Kifah
  • Wafa Humanitarian Organization
  • Al Rashid Trust
  • Mamoun Darkazanli Import-Export Company
  • Khalid Al-Midhar
  • Majed Moqed
  • Nawaq Alhamzi
  • Salem Alhamzi
  • Hani Hanjour
  • Satam Al Suqami
  • Waleed M. Alshehri
  • Wail Alshehri
  • Mohamed Atta
  • Abdulaziz Alomari
  • Marwan Al-Shehhi
  • Fayez Ahmed
  • Ahmed Alghamdi
  • Hamza Alghamdi
  • Mohald Alshehri
  • Saeed Alghamdi
  • Ahmed Alhaznawi
  • Ahmed Alnami
  • Ziad Jarrahi




Modified: 04/05/2013