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“We are eager to hear about opportunities to ease compliance burdens and promote choice while protecting investors.”

Dalia Blass, Director, Division of Investment Management

The SEC’s Division of Investment Management is launching a new outreach campaign to small and mid-size fund sponsors. Division Staff want to know whether unintended consequences resulting from the cost and effort of regulatory compliance are creating barriers to competition, and therefore limiting choice and variety to Main Street investors And if so, what can the staff or the Commission do to help?

Key questions for small and mid-size fund sponsors include:

  • Is regulatory compliance creating barriers that make it harder for small and mid-size fund sponsors to compete?
  • What steps can the Division or Commission take to address these and other barriers while promoting investor protection?
  • Could new technologies, like blockchain, help to improve access to distribution for small and mid-size fund sponsors?

By providing choice and increasing competition, small and mid-size funds can be important resources for many, including Main Street investors in communities across the country. As capital markets continue to evolve, the SEC is committed to recognizing trends and making sure its rules are functioning as intended.

If you are interested in talking with Division of Investment Management staff about these and other issues affecting small and mid-size funds, send an email to: