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Note: The content on this archive page is dated. Some of the links and contact addresses may no longer be current.

Hurricane Katrina Regulatory Relief and Assistance

E-mail and Telephone Contact:

To assist investors and regulated entities in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Commission has established both telephone and e-mail hotlines:

Special Information for Investors:

Reaching Your Financial Professional — If you can't reach your Gulf-area investment adviser, click here to see if we have a new telephone number or other contact information. We'll update this page as often as we learn new information.
Checking Your Account Balances — If you've left your home because of Hurricane Katrina, you may not receive your account statements or confirmations in the mail for several months. It is important that you periodically check your account balances and immediately notify your financial services firm in writing of any discrepancies, especially transfers of money or purchases and sales of securities that you did not authorize. Click here for helpful information on how to safely use the Internet to check account balances.
Avoiding and Reporting Katrina-Related Scams — We have begun hearing about investment fraud scams that seek to capitalize on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Some claim to be trading programs that guarantee high returns (with a portion going to aid Katrina relief efforts). Others tout individual companies that stand to profit from relief and rebuilding efforts. Still others will surely emerge as fraud artists seek creative new ways to spin their old money-stealing schemes. Scam artists search the Internet for e-mail addresses. Please be aware that if your contact information is posted on the Internet, you are even more likely to receive fraudulent solicitations. If you receive a suspicious solicitation, please forward it to enforcement@sec.gov.
Managing and Protecting Your Credit — If you have lost your credit cards and financial records, click here for information about managing your money and your credit.
Rebuilding Your Banking and Other Financial Records — If you have questions about your bank or issues involving banking services, please click here for information from the FDIC.
Donating to Relief Efforts — If you're thinking about contributing money to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, please read this information first.

SEC Releases: 

  • Exemptive Order: Order Under Section 17A and Section 36 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Granting Exemptions from Specified Provisions of the Exchange Act and Certain Rules Thereunder; Order Under Section 6(C) and Section 38(A) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 Granting Exemptions From Specified Provisions of the Company Act and Certain Rules Thereunder (Release Nos. 34-52444; IC-27067; September 15, 2005)

SEC Press Releases and General Information: 



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