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SEC’s “Your Money” Podcast

The SEC’s “Your Money” podcast aims to help individual investors achieve their saving and retirement goals.  Here’s how you can listen to episodes of “Your Money”:

* Listen from sec.gov -- Click on the "Listen" button to hear any of the episodes described below.
* Search your favorite podcast site -- Numerous websites allow you to search for and listen to podcasts.  Look for “Your Money” in their business or investing sections.
* Subscribe to “Your Money” – Copy and paste the following web address into your podcasting software: http://www.sec.gov/rss/your_money/your_money.xml RSS Feed

Episodes of Your Money

Index Funds and Turnover Rates     
What is the appeal of index funds? Why is turnover an important consideration when choosing a mutual fund? Investor Ed answers these questions and explains how you can reprint the sage advice offered in each edition of Ask Investor Ed.

Stopping Cold Calls     
Investor Ed answers questions on cold calling and the jurisdiction of the SEC.

Easy Broker Background Check     
Investor Ed answers questions on checking out the background of a broker and the rule of 72.

529 Plan Basics – Part V of V (Financial Aid)     
Our last topic in this series focuses on financial aid.

529 Plan Basics – Part IV of V (Avoiding Fees)     
Are you worried about paying to much in fees for your 529 plan? This episode discusses ways you can invest in a 529 plan, but reduce or avoid some fees and expenses.

529 Plan Basics – Part III of V (Fees)     
Fees are an important consideration for any investment. Find out why 529 plans are no different.

529 Plan Basics – Part II of V (Taxes)     
Start understanding the federal and state tax implications of investing in a 529 plan.

529 Plan Basics – Part I of V     
Begin schooling yourself about these tax-advantaged plans designed to encourage saving for future college costs.

Stocks vs. Bonds   
Learn about the differences between stocks and bonds, and how you can use them in your portfolio.

“Pump and Dump” Schemes   
Learn about one of the most common investment frauds.

Paid Auto-surfing Schemes   
Steps for checking out opportunities that promise high returns for little or no effort.

"Senior" Specialists and Advisors   
Learn about investment professional designations.

Choosing a Financial Professional   
Tips for checking out a financial professional before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

"Guaranteed" Returns   
A simple strategy can help you earn a high return.

Asset Allocation   
Picking the right investments to protect your portfolio.

Wise Investing   
Find out about the relationship between risk and reward.

No-load Funds   
Gain knowledge regarding mutual fund fees.

Hot Stock Tips   
Learn how to determine whether a “hot stock tip” is a good investment.

Welcome to Your Money   
Get started saving and investing!


Modified: 07/12/2007