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SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies

Committee Meeting
September 7, 2012

Background Materials Provided to Members

  1. Report to Congress on Decimalization  http://www.sec.gov/news/studies/2012/decimalization-072012.pdf.
  2. Martin Kenney, Donald Patton and Jay R. Ritter, Post-IPO Employment and Revenue Growth for U.S. IPOs, June 1996-2010, Report for the Kauffman Foundation (May 2012),  http://www.kauffman.org/uploadedfiles/post_ipo_report.pdf.
  3. David Weild, Edward Kim and Lisa Newport, Executive Summary: The trouble with small tick sizes; Larger tick sizes will bring back capital formation, jobs and investor confidence, Grant Thornton Capital Markets Series (September 2012).
  4. Jeff Schwartz, The Twilight of Equity Liquidity, 34 Cardozo L. Rev. forthcoming Dec. 2012).
  5. Xiaohui Gao, Jay R. Ritter, Zhongyan Zhu, Where Have All the IPOs Gone? (April 3, 2012).




Modified: 09/12/2012