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EDGAR Rel 8.6 Reduced Content XFDL Filing Specification

The EDGAR Release 8.6 XFDL Filing Specification provides, to those filers that are interested, a basis for creating XFDL filings without the use of the EDGARLink. The expectation is that software developers, working on behalf of filers, will construct software that will generate an XFDL filing that can be successfully parsed by the EDGAR Receipt Server.

This document details the valid structure and content of the forms types that are submitted via XFDL. Please note that ownership form types (3, 3/A, 4, 4/A, 5, 5/A) are no longer supported in XFDL via the EDGAR Filing Website. Please see the EDGAR Rel 8.6 Reduced Content XML Filing Specification for information on those form types.

There are two elements to the specification that can be downloaded separately. The first, the specification itself, gives you details about the release and general instructions on the templates, general rules about the XFDL file being created and specific rules on the XFDL nodes containing data elements. It also includes information on the content of the appendices and some sample documents. The second document is in an Excel format and gives the specific requirements for each form type.

*   Download the EDGAR Rel 8.6 Reduced Content XFDL Filing Specification now (Microsoft Word file)
*   Download the EDGAR Rel 8.6 Reduced Content XFDL Appendices now (Microsoft Excel file)


Modified: 08/11/2003