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EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification (Version 5)

Implementation Date: July 2, 2012

The EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification (Version 4) provides, to those filers that are interested, a basis for creating XML ownership submissions without the use of the EDGAR OnlineForms/XML Website. The expectation is that software developers, working on behalf of filers, will construct software that will generate an XML Ownership submission that can be successfully parsed by the EDGAR system.

EDGAR Release 12.1 introduces the following change to the EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification (Version 5):

  • The XML Ownership Form stylesheets (3_X06.xsl, 4_X06.xsl, 5_X06.xsl) have been updated to remove the references of Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUHCA). The XML Ownership schemas (ownership3Document.xsd.xml, ownership3ADocument.xsd.xml, ownership4Document.xsd.xml, ownership4ADocument.xsd.xml, ownership5Document.xsd.xml, ownership5ADocument.xsd.xml) have also been updated to reflect the updated stylesheet version number.

The following EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification documents detail the valid structure and content of the EDGAR Ownership submission types (3, 4, 5, 3/A, 4/A, and 5/A).



Modified: 07/06/2012