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Key to Reading N-SAR Document

In an EDGAR submission prepared using the software that the Commission provides for preparing Form N-SAR, each answer is preceded by an 11-column answer key, a series of letters and numbers that represent the Form N-SAR question for which the answer was provided:

1-3Item number
4-5Item letter (blank if no letter is applicable)
6-7Item subnumber("00" if no subnumber is applicable)
8-9Series"00" for registrant level answers "AA" for "ALL" series answers)
10-11Repetition(When there may be more than one answer for a given item number/letter/subnumber and series, each answer is given a unique repetition number)

A typical answer line might be "008 D020403 NY". This identifies the answer as belonging to item 8.D.2. (state in which the investment adviser is located). It also shows that the answer was provided for the fund's fourth series, and relates to the third investment adviser named.


Modified: 02/06/2002