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EDGAR Filer Assistance Software
Including the N-SAR Add-In

EDGARLink Software

The EDGARLink tool works interactively with the EDGAR filing website, https://www.edgarfiling.sec.gov, and can be downloaded and updated from that site. For more information, consult the EDGAR Filer Manual or contact Filer Technical Support at (202) 551-8900, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time.

N-SAR Software, ver. 6.1a (for Windows)

This is the Windows version of the software used to prepare Form N-SAR, the Semi-Annual Report for Registered Investment Companies. The EDGAR system will not accept N-SARs that have not been prepared with this application (Windows or DOS version).

The N-SAR program works as an add-on to the EDGARLink tool using Submission Template number 3. The EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume III) N-SAR Supplement provides additional information.

Instructions for Creating and Using the Installation Diskette for the Windows Environment

You will need 1 (one) blank 1.44-MB formatted diskette. We are providing a self-extracting ZIP archive that will create an installation diskette for the NSAR software.

Important:  You must install the NSAR from the diskette. You cannot install the NSAR directly from the NSAR61a.exe file.

The following are the instructions for creating the installation diskette:

1. Download the file NSAR61a.exe into an empty directory.

2. Insert the blank floppy disk into Drive A.

3. Start the Windows Explorer and use it to locate the downloaded file NSAR61a.exe.

4. Double click on the file to start the extraction. A window will appear to allow you to select the directory where the files are to be extracted.

5. Change this extract location to A:\ and click OK. This will create the installation diskette.

Instructions for Installing the Windows NSAR Software

After the installation diskette has been created, you can install the NSAR software.

1. Use the Windows Explorer to change to the A Drive, then double click on the INSTALL.exe file to start the installation process.

2. A DOS window will appear and the installation process will begin. You will see the message "The SHARE.TSR has been detected. This TSR causes conflicts with the installation process. You must disable it before continuing." This error message no longer applies, so bypass it by pressing the Enter key. Then the installation process will continue.

3. The NSAR install menu will appear with the option "Install NSAR PC application" highlighted. Press the Enter key to select this option and continue the installation.

4. The installation drive and directory selection menu will appear. If the directory c:\NSAR is not the directory in which you want to install the software, use the down arrow to highlight the NSAR directory selection and change it. Then press the Enter key.

5. If the directory selection is correct now, press Y. You will see the message "NSAR can only be installed in conjunctions with EDGARlink. Press any key to exit." This is no longer true, so press the Enter key to continue.

6. Press the Enter key again to return to the main menu so the installation can continue.

7. When installation is complete the "Post install options" menu will appear. Use the down arrow key to select the "exit to DOS" option, then press Enter key twice.

The software is now installed.

How To Operate the Software

You can choose any of four ways to run the NSAR program:

Option 1. Open a DOS window, change the directory to the NSAR directory, and type NSAR.
Option 2. Run the program from the Windows Start menu by using the "Run" command and then supplying the full path to the NSAR program, for example,


Option 3. Use the Windows Explorer to find the program (NSAR.exe) and then double click on it.
Option 4. Create a shortcut for your Windows Explorer desktop: use the Explorer to find the NSAR.exe file, select it by clicking on it once, and then drag it to the desktop. Windows will create a shortcut on your desktop. Use this shortcut to run NSAR by double-clicking on it, just as in Option 3.

Download N-SAR 6.1a now (for MS Windows; ZIP archive size:
552 KB)


Modified: 08/07/2009