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Revised November 18, 1999
The EDGAR System
and Year 2000 Compliance

November 18, 1999

Dear EDGAR Users:

As of August 31, 1999, all Commission systems, both mission critical and non-mission critical, are thoroughly tested and fully Year 2000 compliant.

EDGAR was certified as fully Year 2000 compliant on August 2, 1999. This certification followed a thorough review and testing of all EDGAR software and hardware that will be in place for the Year 2000 transition by the Commission staff, the prime development contractor, and an independent verification contractor. These reviews and testing showed EDGAR to be fully Year 2000 compliant and did not disclose any Year 2000 processing difficulties or concerns.

The Commission is also in the midst of a multi-year program to modernize the current EDGAR system. As hardware and software changes are made to the system next year, they will be thoroughly tested for Year 2000 compliance.

EDGARLink, the filer assistance software, and the N-SAR add-in, used to prepare the Semi-Annual Report for Registered Investment Companies, require no changes to support information exchange in the Year 2000. All date fields in EDGAR have a four-digit date field. The Dissemination Subsystem transmits all filing header data in a 4-digit year format. Similarly, the EDGAR Financial Data Schedules use a four-digit date field and therefore present no Year 2000 processing concerns.




Michael J. Quinn                          
Year 2000 Coordinator