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Electronic Submission of Form N-SAR
by Unit Investment Trusts

January 6, 1998

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently adopted Rule 14 under Regulation S-T of the Securities Act of 1933 (see SEC Release No. 33-7472). The new rule provides that the Commission will no longer accept any paper filing that is required to be filed electronically, unless it satisfies the requirements for a temporary or continuing hardship exemption.

A significant number of unit investment trusts currently file Form N-SAR in paper form, relying on a staff position stated in a staff generic comment letter dated February 25, 1994. New Rule 14, which is effective for filings made after January 1, 1998, supersedes that position and requires unit investment trusts to file Form N-SAR electronically.

The Commission's software used for preparation of Form N-SAR for an open-end or closed-end investment company does not work for unit investment trusts. The Commission has not yet developed software for unit investment trust N-SARs, although it expects to do so in the future.

To file Form N-SAR electronically for a unit investment trust, you must prepare a text document and EDGARIZE it for inclusion in a submission, just as you would prepare any text document for EDGAR filing. Use EDGAR submission type NSAR-U.

If you need them, you may purchase copies of the current EDGAR Filer Manual and EDGARLink software by contacting the Commission's Public Reference Room by Fax at (202) 628-9001; by electronic mail at publicinfo@sec.gov; or in writing at Public Reference, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC 20549.

If you need additional information about preparation of an EDGAR filing, you may contact the SEC EDGAR Filer Support staff at (202) 942-8900 . If you have specific questions about Form N-SAR, call the N-SAR inquiry line at (202) 942-0513.