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EDGARLink and N-SAR Releases 6.1 Available

On January 30, we will move a new version of the EDGARLink software and a new version of the N-SAR software, Version 6.1, to the EDGAR system. We will make these versions available for download on Monday, February 1, 1999. You may also download the software from the EDGAR CompuServe Bulletin Board.

The new version of EDGARLink changes only the screens to display the year as a four-digit number.

The new version of N-SAR is Y2K (Year 2000) compliant. It changes all display screens to make year entries four digits long.

Although you may use the current 3.0.a version of N-SAR or the 6.1 version of the software in 1999, you must begin using the 6.1 version of the software before January 2000.

Because in this version of the software we changed only internal processing and screen displays, we are not issuing a new version of EDGAR Filer Manual or the N-SAR manual with this release.