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Notice to All Filers:
Passphrases Are Needed Beginning April 26, 2004

When EDGAR Release 8.7 is implemented, all filers who log on to the EDGAR system will need to have a Passphrase. This Passphrase can be used to create or change your CCC, Password, and Password Modification Authorization Code (PMAC).

Creating Your Passphrase:

When the filer logs on to the EDGAR system for the first time after April 26 to transmit a submission or change company information, a screen will pop up, asking the filer to create a Passphrase. The Passphrase format follows the same rules as the other access codes: it must be exactly eight characters in length and include at least one number and one special character. The Passphrase, like the other access codes, is case-sensitive.

You'll Need Your PMAC:

You will need your PMAC to create a Passphrase so be sure to have your PMAC handy when you log on to the EDGAR system. If a filer does not have the PMAC, the filer must access the Filer Management Web Site and request new access codes. Or, before April 26, the filer may fax an amended Form ID to Filer Support at (202) 504-2474, requesting a new PMAC.

What Happens Next:

Once the Passphrase has been created, it will be added to the company information and can be used to manage the other codes.

Who Needs to Create a Passphrase?

The Passphrase will be requested only for the CIK that logged into the EDGAR system. Filers who use the services of a filing agent and do not use their CIK to log on will not be prompted to create a Passphrase.

How Do I Update Codes After I Have a Passphrase?

Once the Passphrase has been added to the system for the log on CIK, the filer will not be asked again for the Passphrase. Filers will use the CIK and Password to log on to the EDGAR system and the CIK and CCC to change company information, as usual. You can change your CCC and Password through the filing web site, as is the current system. You will not need the Passphrase until you want to generate new access codes and do not have your old ones.


Modified: 04/12/2004