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Important Notice About
the Website EDGAR Database

Update: September 1, 2000

All of the EDGAR filing data displayed on this website is fully accurate.

If you try to view one of the HTML filings affected by the problem described below, you will receive a "Forbidden" error message. To see the information in the filing, you must use the "text" link instead. However, you may find the filing difficult to read because the HTML code is visible in the text.

We apologize for any inconvenience and continue to work aggressively to correct this situation.

Original Notice: August 28, 2000

We have discovered that this website has a data storage problem that may prevent you from fully retrieving some older EDGAR filings in their "html" format. The "text" versions are not affected by this problem.

The problem with "html" versions occurs when a computer file that is part of a new submission has the same name as a computer file that was part of a previous submission. For example, if a company calls an attached graphics file 'myfile.jpg' in a 10-Q in May and then uses the same file name for an attached graphics file in its 10-Q in August, you may see only the August graphics file when you try to retrieve the May filing. The "new" file overwrites any "older" files that have the same name. This problem only affects the "html" versions of EDGAR documents and not all "html" submissions incur this problem. After a search, users are given both an "html" version and a "text" version. The "text" version is correct.

This problem only happens on the SEC website. No EDGAR files have been lost or permanently damaged. The SEC's EDGAR system continues to receive and store filings properly. All other websites that receive their data through EDGAR's Public Dissemination Service or through downloading bulk filings from this website are receiving the correct data and should not be affected. In addition, the problem does not occur with every document on EDGAR. Since a submission often includes several computer files, the problem may affect only a portion of any given "html" filing.

This problem does not affect users who download filings in bulk (ftp) from our website, since bulk filings are not processed on this site.

We are working diligently to solve this html file-naming problem and will keep you posted as to our progress. As soon as we correct this problem, we will restore all affected "html" filings.

Thanks in advance for your patience.