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Termination of Postal Notices and Postal Return Copies

As stated in the last two editions of the SEC EDGAR News, after July 31, 1998, the SEC will no longer send acceptance or suspension messages or return copies of EDGAR submissions through the U.S. mail.

If you want to continue to receive EDGAR acceptance or suspension messages, you must either specify a CompuServe or an Internet address in the header of the submission using the <NOTIFY> or <NOTIFY-INTERNET> tags or send us your CompuServe or Internet address so we can add that information to our database to enable automated processing of your messages. We recommend that you send those addresses to the SEC by using the appropriate tags in the header of a live submission.

If you want to continue to receive return copies of EDGAR submissions, your company must have a CompuServe address on our database. We will send return copies of submissions ONLY to a CompuServe address. We will not send return copies to an internet address.

If you have questions about these new procedures, please contact Filer Support at (202) 942-8900.