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SEC To Refuse Paper Documents in Place of Required Electronic Filings: January 1, 1998

The Commission recently adopted a new electronic filing rule (Rule 14 of Regulation S-T, Rel. No. 33-7472, October 24, 1997) to make it clear that it will not accept filings made in paper that should have been filed electronically. The rule is effective January 1, 1998. After that date, if a filer submits a paper document otherwise required to be filed electronically and does not follow the appropriate procedures for a temporary or continuing hardship exemption outlined in Rules 201 or 202 of Regulation S-T, the filing will not be accepted or processed. If the filing desk receives a document by courier it will be given back to the courier and, if received through the mail or other delivery service, it will be returned by mail.

For Further Information, Contact

  • Margaret R. Black, Division of Corporation Finance, (202) 942-2933


  • Ruth Armfield Sanders, Division of Investment Management, (202) 942-0633