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Termination of Legacy EDGAR on April 20, 2001

Since May 2000, EDGAR filers have been able to use the new EDGAR filing website and EDGARLink software to create and submit modernized filings (with XFDL header tags) via the Internet.

After a lengthy transition period (the original date for transition was November 27, 2000), the SEC is now going ahead with plans to remove the Legacy EDGAR system from service as part of its modernization effort. Legacy filings (with SGML header tags) will no longer be accepted by the Commission's EDGAR system after April 20, 2001. Starting April 23, 2001, only new modernized EDGAR filings (with XFDL header tags) will be accepted. See our website at https://www.edgarfiling.sec.gov/ for more information.

The SEC will still accept ASCII or HTML documents and PDF unofficial copies in filings with XFDL header tags after April 20, 2001.

The SEC, in response to filer comments, waited until after this year's 10-K peak to retire the Legacy system to give filers the opportunity to test the new modernized system or to submit their documents one last time via the Legacy system.

The new modernized EDGAR system features two brand new components geared towards making filing with the Commission easier to our filing community:

Filing Web Site

The EDGAR Filing website gives filers the ability to:

  • File over the Internet or dial into the website,
  • Review the status of filings on-line,
  • Change company information on-line,
  • Research company information (any company),
  • Read about upcoming events and EDGAR news,
  • Download new templates or new EDGARLink software,
  • Read frequently asked questions or other tips on-line, and
  • File more securely using encryption, digital signatures, and digital certificates.

Modernized EDGARLink

The new modernized EDGARLink gives the filers the ability to:

  • Attach HTML or ASCII documents with PDF unofficial copies,
  • Use the software with Windows based operating systems,
  • Forget header tag names as the new software provides easy to understand plain English labels and fill-in-the-blank forms for header information,
  • Validate header information as they type it in,
  • Validate the documents as they are attached to the header,
  • Use an on-line interactive help manual,
  • File more securely using compression, encryption, digital signatures, and digital certificates, and
  • Link to the website from EDGARLink.

Visit our website at https://www.edgarfiling.sec.gov/ and download the EDGARLink software and Filer Manual today.


Modified: 04/11/2001