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EDGARLink Online — Known Bugs

Several known bugs in EDGARLink Online Application (ELO) were fixed in the August 1, 2011 update of the EDGAR System.  Since then, few more bugs have been discovered and are scheduled to be fixed in next few updates of the EDGAR System (August 29, September 12, and September 26, 2011).  A list of the known bugs along with the dates on which they will be corrected is provided below so that filers are aware of them as they prepare for the retirement of the offline EDGARLink tool and full time use of ELO.  Filers do not have to communicate these issues to the SEC’s filer support line.  However, for assistance or questions, filers may call the filer support line (technical assistance option) at 202-551-8900.

To Be Corrected For Monday, August 29, 2011
EDGARLink On-Line does not prompt to replace attached document with on having the same name. EDGARLink had an easy way to replace files with the same name. The new EDGARLink On-Line requires filers to delete the old, then add the new. This will allow filers to do a true replace of files that have the same name.
EDGARLink On-Line displays the incorrect total amount for 24F-2NT with Series and itemized Classes When updating the Offering and Fees information, the fees amount does not match the total amount due. While the calculation is incorrect in the front end interface, it is correct in EDGAR. This will be corrected.
497K does not function the same for Series and Classes as EDGARLink EDGARLink On-line allows multiple series to be added for the submission of 497K for which only one series is allowed.
Some valid PREM14A filings are being suspended Correct the code to ensure that filings that have suspendable errors are being suspended and those that do not are processed normally.
Reduced content submissions are dead queuing when required tags are not provided Correct validation to suspend submissions that are missing required tags.
To Be Corrected For Monday, September 12, 2011
13F Template period field Suspend filings with non-compliant entries in Period field.
Invalid ASCII characters are accepted by EDGARLink On-Line Filings submitted through EDGARLink On-line with invalid ASCII characters are not suspending. Correct the validation code to catch these and suspend them.
System error occurs when html file with graphics is submitted Allow graphics files submitted with html files to be accepted according to the current validation rules.
24F-2NT shows filing has no active Series and Classes reported when they are active If the submission is blocked for any reason and the submission is restarted, it gets suspended with the error “The filing has no Series/Classes reported”.
To Be Corrected For Monday, September 26, 2011
Fee calculation error using EDGARLink On-Line If the Price Per Share for the Registration Fee is provided in four decimal fractional digits, the filing is suspended. Only two decimal fractional digits are being allowed. This will be corrected.
Documents are not displaying in Form SC TO-I When restoring the saved filing for SC TO-I, the system is having trouble bringing back the files attached to the filing.
We will also use this date to correct any high priority bugs uncovered after this list is published.  



Modified: 08/22/2011