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New EDGARLink Release 8.0

With release 8.0, all submissions MUST be filed with the new version of EDGARLink 8.0. Use of earlier versions of EDGARLink will cause submissions to be suspended.

Filers must download and use the new EDGARLink software and new templates for this release. Filers may not continue to use prior versions of the EDGARLink software and templates, which will cause the system to suspend the filing.

Release 8.0 makes two changes in the way that data is entered into the template for fee bearing filings. The new software will include the addition of a multiple offset input mechanism and a detailed offering input mechanism. For multiple offsets, the Fee Offsets page will now allow for multiple offsets for a single submission. Each offset row will contain the offering fields, CIK, Form Type, File Number, and Amount fields formerly on the Main page along with a new Offset Filing Date field. For detailed offerings, an offering table in the Fee and Offering Information page will replace the Equity, Debt, Convertible and Other fields. The Shares Information field has been moved from the Main page to the Fee and Offering Information page.

In addition, the release includes a number of minor enhancements. It adds a Fee estimation function that will automatically calculate the Fee due, based upon the offset and offering or share data entered by the filer. The release also includes a Fee Rate Table, which filers can keep current by downloading the latest version from our website. It also includes a required Fee Paid field that will generate a suspension if the Fee Paid is not greater than or equal to the calculated fee amount.

The new EDGARLink software, templates, and Filer Manual will be available for download on September 17, 2001. The Reduced Content Specification for third party software developers is about to be posted on this website. The release will improve the routines that EDGAR uses to validate Reduced Content filings enhancing compliance with the Reduced Content Specification.

The changes in the new release affect the input process for filings only, and will not affect EDGAR disseminators. The output of the filings through the dissemination process will remain the same.

Filers may call our Filer Support line at (202) 942-8900 for information or additional assistance.



Modified: 10/02/2001