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Anticipated Changes Coming in EDGAR Release 8.7

In Release 8.7 (expected April 26, 2004), EDGAR is being updated, primarily, to support the mandatory electronic filing of Form ID (see Release No. 33-8399, "Mandated Electronic Filing for Form ID"1), the application for access codes to file on EDGAR, via a new EDGAR Filer Management website, and to support the initial period of our proposal to expand the information that we require certain open-end management investment companies and insurance company separate accounts to submit to us electronically through EDGAR regarding their series and classes (or contracts, in the case of separate accounts) (see Release No. 33-8401, "Rulemaking for EDGAR System"2).

In addition, the new release will include EDGAR company naming convention updates. It will increase the company name length from 60 characters to 150 characters and support the use of additional ASCII characters in the company name and the ability to store and disseminate mixed-case company names instead of in all upper case (as was done in the past). It will also add new paper form types 40-17GCS and 40-17GCS/A; a new field on the EDGAR Filer website's Company Information screen that will allow accelerated 10-K filers to identify themselves as such; a serial company name tag to form 424 to allow for the entry of serial company names; a new tag for a filer supplied file number to Form 15-15D and Form 15-15D/A; and the ability to select "EX-99.CERT" from the EDGARLink drop-down menu for form types N-Q and N-Q/A.

See the draft EDGAR Release 8.7 Filer Manual (Volumes I - III) for more details.



1See Release No. 33-8399 (Mar. 15, 2004) [69 FR 13426], "Mandated Electronic Filing for Form ID."

2See Release No. 33-8401 (Mar. 16, 2004)[69 FR 13690], "Rulemaking for EDGAR System."



Modified: 03/29/2004