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EDGAR Release 7.0

Updated June 6, 2000

On May 30, 2000, we began the next stage of modernization with the implementation of EDGAR Release 7.0. Filers using the modernized version of EDGARLink will

  • Find it easier to use EDGARLink for creating and submitting filings;

  • Be able to include graphics and image files in HTML documents;

  • Be able to download EDGARLink from the internet;

  • Have expanded use of hyperlinks in HTML documents; and

  • Be able to send us submissions over the Internet or on magnetic tape cartridges.
As with the current EDGARLink, the new EDGARLink also assists filers with building the header, attaching documents to the header, checking for errors and transmitting documents to us. The new EDGARLink does not use the current tagging; instead, filers will use predefined templates, which will be available for download through our EDGAR Filing website (https://www.EDGARFiling.sec.gov/).

As a result of modernization, we will no longer accept submissions on diskettes (beginning July 10, 2000) or on 9 track tapes (after we discontinue support for the old version of EDGARLink). Also, we will no longer distribute EDGARLink by diskette.