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Important Changes to EDGAR and EDGARLink
for Release 6.6

CompuServe discontinued all EDGAR-related services as of October 16, 1999. These services include the Public Data Network (PDN) for transmission of filings to EDGAR, private mailboxes for receiving EDGAR Acceptance/Suspense notifications and Return Copies, the EDGAR company database, and the bulletin board.

To maintain EDGAR Private Mail and PDN functionality, TRW has contracted with UUNET to provide similar services. Filers who wish to continue using the PDN for transmission of filings, or filers who want a private system for receipt of Acceptance/Suspense notifications and Return Copies, need to reference the www.TRW-EDGAR.com website and register for the new service.

The information and functionality previously provided by the CompuServe company database and bulletin board are no longer available. However, similar information can be obtained by using the EDGAR database on the SEC website to look up filings for the desired company (the information is in the headers of the filings on the website).

Filers who sign up for the TRW/UUNET service will receive Acceptance/Suspense Notifications and Return Copies (if requested) in their new mailboxes starting October 18, 1999 (the first business day after October 16, 1999). To access their new mailboxes, filers are required to use a standard POP3 mail client. These clients are provided as part of Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and several other Internet packages. See the www.TRW-EDGAR.com website for more information. Filers who use the PDN for transmission of filings may use the same phone number that they used to access the CompuServe PDN for the new TRW/UUNET PDN starting October 18, 1999.

Due to the switch in Private Mail service, we have made several changes to the notification methodology:

  • The <COMPUSERVE-ID> tag has been renamed <PRIVATE-MAIL-ID> for all form types.

  • The <NOTIFY-VIA-COMPUSERVE-ONLY> tag has been renamed <NOTIFY-VIA-PRIVATE-MAIL-ONLY> for all form types.

  • Numeric CompuServe addresses (e.g., 75200,1024) are no longer supported by EDGAR. The <NOTIFY> and <PRIVATE-MAIL-ID> tags only accept valid EDGAR Private Mail User IDs (PMUIDs). EDGAR PMUIDs are 8-12 characters long and contain only upper case alphabetical and numeric characters. One optional dash (-) character may also be included in the EDGAR PMUID.

    Example:   <NOTIFY> XYZCORP1
    See the sample files, sampl10q.sec and 10q_html.sec, for a example.

  • Every CompuServe address also has an Internet version in the form of an e-mail address. You can use this address with the <NOTIFY-INTERNET> header tag to forward EDGAR notifications over the Internet:

    Old: <NOTIFY> 12345,6789

    New: <NOTIFY-INTERNET> 12345.6789@compuserve.com

The "Access E-Mail and Bulletin Board" main menu option is no longer supported. It has been replaced with the "Access E-Mail Information" option, which simply instructs the filer on where to access information on the web about the TRW/UUNET PDN and EDGAR Private Mail service.

For those filers who use the PDN for EDGAR filing, you need to update the PDN Data Network configuration in your Modify User's Configuration screen. Please scroll to the "Dialing Script" field on the PDN Data Network line and replace "CSERVE.SCR" with "PDN.SCR". Please save the information you have entered. This new script, which is provided with Release 6.6, enables you to connect to the TRW/UUNET PDN from EDGARLink.

If you have a customized CSERVE.SCR script file and wish to continue using it, please replace all text between the "continue:" line and the "EXIT;" line with the corresponding text (between the horizontal rules) below:

       STOP TIMER;
       DELAY 10 SECOND;
       COUNT 30 SECOND;
       ON TIMEOUT GOTO m2;

{ Transmit "Host Name:" to PDN }

       SENDLINE "+";
       WAIT "Host Name:" FOR 10 SECOND;

{ Transmit the user's PDN User ID and password, both of which }
{ are obtained from the EDGARLink Configuration screen.       }

       WAIT "UIC:" FOR 30 SECOND;
       WAIT "Password:" FOR 30 SECOND;

{ Wait for the EDGAR login prompt }

       on NOT WAIT GOTO m2;

{ Everything is Ok }

The PDN.SCR script file and supporting information is also available for download from the www.TRW-EDGAR.com website. These script updates are required in order to communicate to EDGAR through the TRW/UUNET PDN as of Release 6.6. The EDGARLink Version Verify process does not automatically update the CSERVE.SCR file because it may have been customized by the filer.


TRW has posted a Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQ) for EDGAR filers on its TRW-EDGAR website. This material provides additional details about the TRW-EDGAR services for filers.


Modified: 10/20/2003