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Notice: EDGAR Release 5.50

The Production EDGAR system is scheduled to be upgraded to Release 5.50 on May 30, 1998; with June 1, 1998 as the first day of production. Release 5.50 will affect the functionality of the EDGARLink .

Paper Messages and Return Copies

Paper copies of acceptance and suspension messages and paper return copies of filings will no longer be sent after July 31, 1998.

New Form Types

The most significant visible change to EDGAR is the addition of several new form types. The following form types have been added for the filing of Securities Act Rule 498 Profiles for certain open-end management investment companies:

497K1       497K2       497K3A       497K3B      

Also, the N-14MEF form type has been added for registrations pursuant to the Securities Act Rule 462(b) registering up to an additional 20% of securities for an offering that was previously registered on Form N-14.

Number of Exhibits Allowed

The maximum number of Exhibits that may be attached to a filing has been raised from 99 to 500. If more than 500 Exhibits are attached to a single filing, the filing will be suspended.

1200-Baud Transmission

EDGARLink no longer supports 1200-baud filing transmissions. The 1200-baud option has been removed from the default modem choice list on the Modify User's Configuration screen.