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Upcoming SEC Plans for EDGAR

Since the May 2000 release of EDGAR 7.0, which enabled Internet-based filing, the SEC has continued to look for opportunities to improve the system and reduce filer burden. During the past several months, a number of filers have offered suggestions for additional system enhancements. We thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions on how we can make the system even more responsive to your needs and are happy to announce that we will be able to include many of your comments in our plans for future enhancements to the system.

The SEC is continuing with its EDGAR modernization project, which will conclude in the spring of 2001. Release 7.5 is scheduled for November 2000 and will be focused primarily on SEC staff functionality. Release 8.0, the last scheduled modernization release, is planned for completion in spring of 2001 and will focus primarily on an integrated fee processing addition. Nevertheless, the SEC is committed to continual system improvements to modernized EDGAR to the maximum extent possible within our resource limitations.

The planned upcoming actions that the SEC has decided to take based on filer input include:

(1) extending the time for filers to cut over to the modernized EDGAR system;

(2) further enhancing modernized EDGARLink;

(3) conducting an independent system stress test on the modernized EDGAR system and publishing the results; and

(4)allowing the filing community to subsequently stress test the system themselves.

Extension of Legacy EDGAR

At the request of some members of the filer community, the SEC has decided to extend the EDGAR legacy system for an additional period beyond the original November 27 transition date. This will provide additional time for filers to make the transition to the modernized system and to make sure that filers are comfortable with the modernized filing system and the new EDGARLink filing software.

Under this new schedule, the Commission will continue to support legacy EDGARLink filings until April 20, 2001. However, filers are strongly urged to migrate to the new modernized EDGARLink and EDGAR system now. We will make every effort to keep the legacy filing system fully operational during this extended period, but no further system expansion or improvements are planned. We do not contemplate any further extensions past this date.

During the transition period, filers will be able to submit documents to the SEC either using the legacy EDGARLink with SGML headers (version 7.0) or using the new modernized EDGARLink with XFDL headers (version 7.5). We emphasize that legacy EDGARLink filings must be transmitted to the SEC via the legacy dial-up lines. Legacy filings submitted over the Internet will be suspended and must be refiled. Modernized EDGARLink filings can be transmitted to the SEC via the Internet or the modernized dial up lines.

The transition from legacy EDGAR to modernized EDGAR has no impact on document format as the SEC will continue to accept both ASCII and HTML documents as the official document format.

A New Version of EDGARLink and the Filing Website

The SEC hopes to be able to incorporate many changes requested in filer comments in upcoming versions of EDGARLink and enhancements to the Filing Web Site. These changes include enhancements to:

(1)allow the reshuffling or reordering of documents that are attached to a submission;

(2) introduce a slow cursor or progress bar to provide feedback when the system is processing or transmitting a submission; and

(3) increase the speed at which attachments are able to be added to the submission within EDGARLink.

The next updated version of EDGARLink will be made available on November 27, 2000.

The TRW/UUNet service, previously known as the CompuServe Public Data Network, will be removed from operation as planned on November 27, 2000, since all of the functions provided by this service are available through the Filing Web Site.

Stress Testing the Modernized EDGAR System

The SEC has contracted with an information systems firm to perform an independent stress test of the modernized EDGAR equipment and software. The modernized system has been sized appropriately and built to handle peak day filing volumes. However, an independent stress test would help bolster filer confidence that the system will perform adequately with the same high level of availability and reliability that exists in the legacy system today. The test criteria and results will be posted on the Filing Web Site for all filers to review. The independent test will be conducted in December 2000 and the results will be posted as soon thereafter as possible.

The SEC will also allow the filing community to stress test their own systems in conjunction with the modernized EDGAR during a weekend after the SEC's independent test. Test criteria and dates will be announced after the SEC's internal stress test and will be posted on the Filing Web Site.

One-Day EDGAR Closing on November 24, 2000

As a reminder, the EDGAR system will be shut down on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The SEC will not accept any electronic filings on November 24, 2000. See the Filing Web Site at https://www.EDGARFiling.sec.gov/ for more information. This time will be used to deploy release 7.5 of EDGAR.