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EDGARLink Filer Manual (Vol I) Rel 8.8
Effective Date: August 23, 2004

EDGAR has been updated, primarily, to support the redesign of Form 8-K1, where the reportable events have been expanded from 12 to 22 items, a new hierarchical numbering scheme has been introduced for the reportable events (items), and the fact that the 8-K can be filed to simultaneously satisfy some filing obligations for Rules 425, 14a-12, 14d-2(b) and 13e-4(c). Revisions are also being made to provide support for EDGARLink on Windows® XP, in addition to existing support for Windows® 98, 2000 and NT; to provide support for modified exhibit descriptions for Regulations S-K and S-B; for discontinued support for submission Form types 40-8F-A, 40-8F-B, 40-8F-L, 40-8F-M and their amendments; to provide support for the electronic filing of submission Form types 40-17G, 40-17GCS, 40-24B2, 40-33 and their amendments; and, the ability to enter multiple classes (contracts) for a series at one time from a single web page.

The EDGAR Release 8.8 EDGARLink Filer Manual (Volume I) contains instructions for creating and submitting electronic disclosure filings to the SEC's EDGAR system. The manual is also useful for anyone who works extensively with the disseminated EDGAR filings.

* Download the EDGAR Rel 8.8 EDGARLink Filer Manual (Vol I) now (8Mb)

N-SAR Supplement Filer Manual (Vol II) Rel 8.8
Effective Date: August 23, 2004

Procedures for filing the Form N-SAR the Semi-Annual Report for Registered Investment Companies have not changed, nor has the application. However, the EDGAR Release 8.8 N-SAR Supplement Filer Manual (Volume II) has been updated slightly to reflect changes in other areas. The updated manual is for use with version 6.1a of the N-SAR application.

* Download the EDGAR Rel 8.8 N-SAR Supplement Filer Manual (Vol II) now

OnlineForms Filer Manual (Vol III) Rel 8.8
Effective Date: August 23, 2004

The EDGAR Release 8.8 OnlineForms Filer Manual (Volume III) explains the process for creating and submitting documents over the Internet using the EDGAR OnlineForms Website (https://www.onlineforms.edgarfiling.sec.gov). The manual contains information regarding what forms (ownership reports) can be filed using this website. The OnlineForms Website will verify filer identification, check that required information is present, and allow filers or their agents, to transmit online submissions to EDGAR for dissemination to the public.

* Download the EDGAR Rel 8.8 OnlineForms Filer Manual (Vol III) now

1 See Release No. 33-8400 "Additional Form 8-K Disclosure Requirements and Acceleration of Filing Date"



Modified: 08/06/2004