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Important Notice to
EDGAR CompuServe Filers

CompuServe has informed TRW and the SEC that it will discontinue EDGAR-related services as of October 16, 1999. These services include

  • the Public Data Network (PDN) for transmission of filings to EDGAR,
  • mailboxes for receiving EDGAR acceptance/suspense messages,
  • electronic return copies,
  • the CompuServe-based EDGAR company database, and
  • the EDGAR bulletin board.
Because these services to EDGAR will end, TRW has contracted with UUNET to provide similar services. The new services will begin on October 16, 1999 and will be in place through late 2000 when the modernized EDGAR system will take over these functions..

Filers who wish to continue using the PDN for transmission of filings or filers who want a private system for receipt of acceptance/suspense messages and return copies will need to sign up for the TRW/UUNET service. TRW has established a website TRW-EDGAR.com to allow filers to sign up for this service. The website will become available on September 13 1999.

Filers will need to fill out a short questionnaire to provide information, such as address, contact information, and service requirements. TRW will then provide the new account information and password to the filer within 2 weeks.Filers who cannot access the TRW-EDGAR.com website, should call (703) 345-8900 for information and to sign up. The basic TRW/UUNET service will include 5 hours of access and a mailbox for holding messages. There will be additional charges for larger mailboxes and connect time over the basic usage limit.

Filers are encouraged to sign up for the TRW/UUNET service during September so that they are prepared for the transition. Once filers have signed up for this service, their email addresses will be added to our database. Return copies of filings will be sent only to the UUNET address we have on our database for the filer.

The new TRW/UUNET service will be installed on October 16, 1999. Filers who sign up for the TRW/UUNET service will receive acceptance/suspense messages and return copies (if requested) in their new mailboxes starting October 18, 1999 (the first business day after October 16). Filers who use the PDN for transmission of filings will use the new TRW/UUNET PDN starting October 18, 1999. Please check the TRW-EDGAR.com website and the SEC's EDGAR News page periodically; more information will be posted as it becomes available.


Modified: 10/20/2003