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Notice regarding upcoming EDGAR Release 9.17 and XBRL Validation

On 09/28/09 we updated the EDGAR system to, among other things, expand the tests the EDGAR system uses to validate information in Interactive Data File (XBRL) submissions. With this update, the EDGAR system now validates an increased number of technical requirements while processing filings that include Interactive Data Files. This part of the update does not change existing technical requirements; it will simply enhance the validation process the EDGAR system uses to confirm compliance with the EDGAR Filer Manual requirements.

Although the EDGAR Filer Manual requirements relating to Interactive Data Files generally have not changed, it is important to note that with the enhanced validation process, the EDGAR system may reject Interactive Data File exhibits that would have been accepted prior to Release 9.17. We encourage filers to take appropriate steps to ensure that all Interactive Data File submissions comply with the EDGAR Filer Manual requirements, and to test compliance by submitting test filings well in advance of required filing dates.



Modified: 10/21/2009