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EDGAR Release 6.75

Effective January 24, 2000, filers will be using EDGAR Release 6.75 for their electronic filings. The purpose of this new version of EDGAR and the Filer Manual (Release 6.75) is to add new form types and delete old ones. This includes changes needed in connection with the new business combination regulations adopted in SEC Release No. 33-7760 (October 22, 1999) and effective January 24.

We have added the following submission types to EDGAR:

  • SC TO-C Written public communication relating to an issuer or third party tender offer not by the subject company.

  • SC 14D9-C Written public communication by the subject company relating to a tender offer by a third party.

  • SC TO-I and SC TO-I/A Tender offer schedule and amendment filed by the issuer.

  • SC TO-T and SC TO-T/A Tender offer schedule and amendment filed by a third party.

  • 425 A prospectus or other communication in connection with business combination transactions.

  • N-6 and N-6/A Submission types for registration statements and pre-effective amendments for separate accounts (unit investment trusts) if the Commission adopts its proposed Form N-6.

  • 497AD Prospectus filed by certain investment companies under Rule 482 (482 ads). Filers who are required to file 482 ads with us in accordance with Rule 497 and the NOTE to Rule 482(c) should submit their 482 ads under this new submission type.

Appendices A and B of the Filer Manual contain the descriptions and associated tagging requirements for all of the new submission types. We also have added a new section to Table 6 of Appendix A, entitled, "Miscellaneous Filings Under the Securities Act." This section groups several new and existing submission types (425, DEL AM, RW, AW, and 497AD) used by investment companies to make filings under Securities Act Rules 425, 473, 477, and 482.

We have also made the following changes effective after Release 6.75 is issued:

  • The EDGAR system will no longer support the following form types:

    SC 13E4 SC 14D1

  • We will add the submission's accession number to the subject line of all notices to filers of acceptance or suspension.

  • We will revise EDGARLink so that filers will be able to perform a version verify upgrade of the software while in a Windows environment.

A new Filer Manual and a new version of EDGARLink will be included in this release. You may obtain paper copies of the updated Filer Manual at the following address: Public Reference Room, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20549-0102. We will post electronic format copies on the SEC's website. The SEC's website address for the Filer Manual is http://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/filermanual.htm. You may also obtain copies from Disclosure Incorporated, the paper and microfiche contractor for the Commission, at (800) 638-8241.


Modified: 01/19/2000