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Changes to XFDL Appendices

We made several corrections to Appendix IV (Template 2 fields) and Appendix V (Template3 fields). All new entries in these spreadsheets are red. One entry that is to be deleted from row 118 in Appendix IV is in blue.

Changes to Appendix IV

  • Added the column SubCoreg_FormType_. This column is used for combination filings.
  • Added an entry for SubCompany_fileNumber_ to several submission types. We were not indicating the inclusion of this field for confirming copy submissions.
  • Corrected the SubTable_periodOfReport_ entry for type PRES14A.
  • Added payor entries for type SC 13E1/A.
  • Deleted SubCompany_irsNumber_ entry for type 425. This entry is actually still in the spreadsheet in blue and should be removed before the appendix is posted on the website.

Changes to Appendix V

  • Corrected the SubTable_periodOfReport_ entries for types 6-K, 6-K/A, 8-K, and 8-K/A.



Modified: 09/21/2001