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EDGAR Rel 8.5 Reduced Content XML Filing Specification for Ownership Reports

With EDGAR Release 8.5, implemented on May 5, 2003, the ability to file certain forms on-line has been added to the functionality of EDGAR via a separate website. Ownership forms 3, 3/A, 4, 4/A, 5 and 5/A are no longer being supported by EDGARLink and will need to be filed via the OnlineForms website.

The EDGAR Release 8.5 Online XML Filing Specification provides, to those filers who are interested, a basis for creating XML filings without the use of the EDGAR OnlineForms Web interface. The expectation is that software developers, working on behalf of filers, will construct software that will generate an XML ownership filing that can be successfully parsed by the EDGAR Receipt Server.

This document details the valid structure and content of the six EDGAR Ownership submission types.

new download links  The XML Stylesheets are no longer being bundled with the Reduced Content XML Filing Specification, but are now being provided via the "XML Stylesheets" link below to allow you to download the latest stylesheets without having to re-download the entire specification.

Download the EDGAR Rel 8.5 Reduced Content XML Filing Specification now

Download the Latest XML Stylesheets now



Modified: 05/13/2003