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Microcap Fraud

Note: This page has been archived and is no longer being updated. It may include obsolete or out-of-date information.

  • SEC, U.S. Attorney, and FBI Announce Major Attack Against Microcap Fraud. (News Story, June 14, 2000; File name: microorg.htm)

  • Microcap Stock (Investor Education "Key Topics" article, January 11, 2000; File name: microcap.htm)

  • SEC Charges 82 Individuals and Companies in Second Nationwide Microcap Fraud Sweep. (News Story, August 3, 1999; File name: micro899.htm)

  • About Microcap Stock: A Guide for Investors. (Investor Education Brochure, updated July 16, 1999; File name: microcapstock.htm)

  • "SEC Approves Series of Measures in Ongoing Fight Against Microcap Fraud" (Press Release, February 19, 1999; File name: 99-21.txt)

  • Statement of Chairman Arthur Levitt on SEC Measures Against Microcap Fraud, February 19, 1999 (News Supplement, February 19, 1999; File name: microal.txt)

  • Fact Sheets on SEC Rules Amendments To Combat Microcap Fraud: Rule 15c2-11, Rule 504, Rule 701, and Form S-8)

  • "SEC Charges 41 People in 13 Actions Involving More Than $25 Million in Microcap Fraud; Fight Against Microcap Fraud 'Paying Dividends'" (Press Release, September 24, 1998; File name: 98-92.txt)

  • "SEC Proposes Rule Change to Combat Microcap Fraud" (Press Release, May 19, 1998; File name: 98-53.txt)

  • "SEC Proposes Several Measures To Combat Securities Fraud and Issues Status Report on Commission-Wide Microcap Fraud Reports" (Press Release, February 10, 1998; File name: 98-14.txt)


Modified: 06/24/2003