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Executive Order 13392, Improving Agency Disclosure of Information

Updated Status Report on Milestone Deficiency — August 1, 2008

  1. FOIA Improvement Plan area to which this deficient milestone relates:
    Improve internal resources.
  2. Deficient milestone and the original target date from the FOIA Improvement Plan:
    In the SEC’s Report under the Executive Order, the Commission indicated that by July 1, 2007, it expected to publish and make effective, updates and revisions to its FOIA implementing regulations.
  3. Steps taken to correct the deficiency and the dates by which the steps were completed:
    During 2008, due to the passage of FOIA legislation (Pub L 110-175), the regulation revision was divided into two steps, one to publish a revised fee regulation and to post fee guidance and rates on the Commission’s FOIA website; and secondly to revise the remaining FOIA regulations.
  4. Future remedial steps and the dates by which the steps will be completed:
    As of the date of this report, the FOIA fee regulation is pending final approval by the Commission. Final publication and effective date is expected before October 1, 2008. Review and revision of the overall implementing regulations is on-going and final agency approval is planned by December 31, 2008.



Modified: 08/05/2008