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The SEC’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program has again been recognized as a leader in the federal government, with staff members Warren Jackson and John Livornese specifically honored. This is the second consecutive year the SEC’s FOIA staff has been celebrated for its service.

 The SEC’s Office of FOIA Services promotes transparency in government by making SEC records available to the public to the greatest extent possible under the Freedom of Information Act.

The U.S. Department of Justice presented the awards to Jackson, Livornese, and other FOIA professionals from across government at its annual Sunshine Week kickoff on March 12 in Washington, DC.

Jackson received an award for “Exceptional Service by a FOIA Professional” for his efforts on two innovative websites that give the public greater access to SEC records: the FOIA Library, which provides nearly real-time information on FOIA requests and agency responses, and the Public Access Link, showing the status of FOIA requests on more than 200,000 cases dating back to 1990.

“Warren is a consummate professional, committed to government transparency and motivated by a sincere desire to serve the public,” said Barry Walters, the SEC’s Chief FOIA Officer and Director of the SEC’s Office of Support Operations.

Livornese was recognized with a “Lifetime Service Award,” reflecting his 20 years of experience and senior FOIA leadership positions at three federal agencies, most recently at the SEC.

“Under John’s leadership, the SEC FOIA program has achieved a number of successive milestones, any one of which is impressive in its own right, but given their totality, one would be hard pressed to envision them without him in the lead,” said Walters.