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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The diversity of our workforce enriches the agency and enhances the breadth and range of talent we, as a team, bring to our mission on behalf of investors. We know that we no longer live and work in an insular marketplace. Indeed our work here affects — and is affected by — the worldwide economy and global events. The world's increasingly apparent interconnectedness entails increased and more effective interactions among employees from diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. It requires that we become more creative and open to other perspectives — something that happens most naturally in a diverse workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion at the SEC encompasses Diversity of Experience (e.g., occupations, training-levels, socioeconomic/geographic backgrounds, family/lifestyle, school affiliations, and personal/professional experiences), Diversity of Thought (e.g., work-styles, personality types, and skill-sets), and Diversity of Demographic Groups (e.g., age, religion, gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, color, disability, sexual orientation, and veteran's status).

Inclusion is about creating an environment that celebrates people’s differences and, in doing so, inspires innovative ideas, practical solutions, and team-building. The SEC seeks to achieve a work environment in which all individuals are recognized for their unique qualities, skills, and abilities and can apply them fully toward the success of the SEC.

At its essence, diversity and inclusion means fully embracing the human network, in all its multiplicity, fostering creativity and talent in the workplace and allowing more effective engagement with each other. While it is important to acknowledge and appreciate our differences, we must also recognize our shared goal of professional excellence and our commitment to protecting the investing public.

In support of diversity and inclusion, the SEC has developed a diversity-based performance measure that evaluates the diversity efforts of managers/supervisors.

Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman



Modified: 11/16/2009