Implementation Date: September 19, 2022

This specification provides the basis for creating the aforementioned submission types for form 144 XML submissions. Filers must use this technical specification to generate a 144 XML submission that can be successfully parsed by the EDGAR system. Form 144 may only be filed using the new online version of the form available on the EDGAR Online Forms Management Website or constructed by filers according to the new "EDGAR Form 144 XML Technical Specification" document available on the SEC's Public Website (

The 144 submission file must conform to the EDGAR 144 Submission Taxonomy. This taxonomy is comprised of a collection of XML Schema Definition (.xsd) files that define the structures of EDGAR 144 submissions. The 144 XML submissions can be transmitted to the SEC via the EDGAR FilerWeb ( or the “Transmit XML Submission” option from the EDGAR OnlineForms Website (

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