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Federal Advisory Committee on Market Information:
Agenda for December 14, 2000 Meeting

I. Introductory Remarks

(1:00 - 1:15)
Dean Seligman

II. Presentation of Alternative Models

(1:15 - 1:45)
NYSE Model; Reuters America Model; Schwab Model; Datek Online Model

III. SEC Issues

(1:45 - 2:15)
Annette Nazareth/Bob Colby - Issues to be addressed, from an SEC perspective, with any alternative model

IV. Discussion

(2:15 - 5:15)
Should the Committee proceed to attempt to develop an alternative model for disseminating market information, in addition to exploring ways to improve the existing model? Or should we focus solely on improving the existing model?

V. Summary/Next Steps

(5:15 - 5:30)
Dean Seligman


Modified: 05/21/2001