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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
July - September 2003

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2328 Sep. 30, 2005 Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum, Inc., Anthony Ottimo, and Brendan E. Murray
Other Release No.: LR-19410
AAER-2327 Sep. 30, 2005 Ronald Lee Hoyt, CPA
Other No.: 34-52539
AAER-2326 Sep. 30, 2005 William E. Caswell, CPA
Other No.: 34-52538
AAER-2325 Sep. 30, 2005 Gregory M. Dearlove, CPA
Other No.: 34-52537
AAER-2324 Sep. 29, 2005 LeeRoy Allen, Jr.
Other No.: LR-19405
AAER-2323 Sep. 29, 2005 Del Global Technologies Corp., Inc.,et al.
Other No.: LR-19403
AAER-2322 Sep. 29, 2005 Saad, et al.
Other No.: LR-19402
AAER-2321 Sep. 29, 2005 Michael J. Lawler
Other Release No.: LR-19401
AAER-2320 Sep. 26, 2005 Paul Sandifur, Jr., et al.
Other No.: LR-19394
AAER-2319 Sep. 23, 2005 Keith G. Baxter, Ronald J. Goedde, Richard D. Nye, Robert E. Ellington and Anthony W. O'Dell
Other No.: LR-19391
AAER-2318 Sep. 22, 2005 Armand Dauplaise and Bernard Shinder
Other No.: LR-19387
AAER-2317 Sep. 22, 2005 Bio One Corporation
Other Nos.: 33-8616, 34-52490
AAER-2316 Sep. 21, 2005 David J. Cammarata, CPA
Other No.: 34-52481
AAER-2315 Sep. 21, 2005 Vincent Steckler
Other No.: LR-19385
AAER-2314 Sep. 15, 2005 Mark David Shapiro, Philip D. Murphy, Thomas Gerald Dahlen, Jr., Albert M. Abbood, and James H. Thatcher
Other Release No.: LR-19380
AAER-2313 Sep. 15, 2005 Herbert A. Getz
Other Release No.: 34-52452
AAER-2312 Sep. 14, 2005 Marcy Wilson Roke
Other Release No.: LR-19375
AAER-2311 Sep. 13, 2005 Vincent Steckler
Other Release No.: 34-52411
AAER-2310 Sep. 13, 2005 Martin E. Kenney, Jr.
Other Release No.: LR-19373
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2309 Sep. 13, 2005 NCO Group, Inc.
Other Release No.: 34-52409
AAER-2308 Sep. 8, 2005 Steven J. Allan
Other Release No.: 34-52395
AAER-2307 Sep. 6, 2005 Del Global Technologies Corp., Inc.,et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19360
AAER-2306 Aug. 31, 2005 Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
Other Release No.: 34-52370
AAER-2305 Aug. 31, 2005 John R. Behrmann, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-52369
AAER-2304 Aug. 31, 2005 William D. Wiseman, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-52365
AAER-2303 Aug. 30, 2005 David P. Levine, Michael W. Spake, Barry S. Berlin, and Douglas J. Ely
Other Release No.: LR-19353
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2302 Aug. 30, 2005 Douglas J. Ely
Other Release No.: 34-52359
AAER-2301 Aug. 30, 2005 Barry S. Berlin
Other Release No.: 34-52358
AAER-2300 Aug. 30, 2005 David P. Levine
Other Release No.: 34-52357
AAER-2299 Aug. 30, 2005 Michael W. Spake
Other Release No.: 34-52356
AAER-2298 Aug. 29, 2005 Dean L. Buntrock, Phillip B. Rooney, James E. Koenig, Thomas C. Hau, Herbert A. Getz, and Bruce D. Tobecksen
Other Release No.: LR-19351
AAER-2297 Aug. 26, 2005 Leonard M. Snyder, H. Dane Reynolds, C. Burt Duren, and R. Carey Johnson
Other Release No.: LR-19349
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2296 Aug. 23, 2005 David Friend, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-52321
AAER-2295 Aug. 23, 2005 Charles C. Conaway and John T. McDonald, Jr.
Other Release No.: LR-19344
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2294 Aug. 22, 2005 Frederick S. Schiff and Richard J. Lane
Other Release No.: LR-19343
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2293 Aug. 19, 2005 William M. Baker, et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19341
AAER-2292 Aug. 15, 2005 John R. Behrmann and Margaret M. Eardley
Other Release Nos.: LR-19336
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2291 Aug. 15, 2005 John V. Back, Jr., CPA
Other Release No.: 34-52258
AAER-2290 Aug. 15, 2005 Margaret M. Eardley
Other Release No.: 34-52257
AAER-2289 Aug. 3, 2005 Patrick D. Quinlan, Sr. et al.
Other Release No.: LR-19323
AAER-2288 Aug. 2, 2005 Kenneth K. Livesay, et al.
Other No.: LR-19322
AAER-2287 Aug. 1, 2005 Robert Korkuc
Other No.: LR-19319
AAER-2286 Aug. 1, 2005 Robert Korkuc, CPA
Other No.: 34-52185
AAER-2285 Jul. 28, 2005 Microtune, Inc., William L. Housley, Jeffrey W. Davis, and Everett Rogers
Other Nos.: 34-52159, 33-8596
AAER-2284 Jul. 28, 2005 Richard Rambahal, et al.
Other No.: LR-19316
AAER-2283 Jul. 26, 2005 Joseph P. Nacchio, Robert S. Woodruff, Robin R. Szeliga, Afshin Mohebbi, Gregory M. Casey, James J. Koslowski and Frank T. Noyes
Other No.: LR-19313
AAER-2282 Jul. 26, 2005 Michael J. Cheshire
Other No.: 34-52126
AAER-2281 Jul. 26, 2005 Gary K. Bennett; Bernard J. Demko
Other No.: LR-19310
See also: Complaint in this matter (Gary K. Bennett)
See also: Complaint in this matter (Bernard J. Demko)
AAER-2280 Jul. 25, 2005 Glenn E. Glasshagel
Other No.: LR-19309
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2279 Jul. 18, 2005 Gregory Brady, William M. Beecher, and Reagan L. Lancaster
Other No.: LR-19306
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2278 Jul. 15, 2005 Comerica, Inc.
Other No.: 34-52041
AAER-2277 Jul. 13, 2005 Bernard J. Ebbers
Other No.: LR-19301
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2276 Jul. 11, 2005 Mark Cocchiola, et al.
Other No.: LR-19300
See also: Complaint in this matter
AAER-2275 Jul. 11, 2005 Andrew J. Zahn, Philip J. Sexauer, and Cynthia K. Berryman
Other No.: LR-19297
AAER-2274 Jul. 11, 2005 Foamex International, Inc.
Other No.: 34-52006
AAER-2273 Jul. 8, 2005 Duke Energy Corporation
Other No.: 34-51995
AAER-2272 Jul. 6, 2005 Jeffrey Steinberg and John Geron
Other No.: 34-51979

Modified: 02/03/2006