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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
July - September 2004

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2119 Sep. 30, 2004 Carroll A. Wallace, CPA
Other Release No.: 34-50480
AAER-2118 Sep. 30, 2004 Matthew M. Chiang
Other Release No.: LR-18915
AAER-2117 Sep. 30, 2004 Jerry S. Chang
Other Release No.: LR-18914
AAER-2116 Sep. 30, 2004 Dean L. Buntrock, Phillip B. Rooney, James E. Koenig, Thomas C. Hau, Herbert A. Getz, and Bruce D. Tobecksen
Other Release No.: LR-18913
AAER-2113 Sep. 28, 2004 Don-Allen Ruttenberg
Other Release No.: LR-18908
AAER-2112 Sep. 28, 2004 Jeremy R. Lent, John V. Hashman, Yinzi Cai, Douglas Wachtel and Bruce Rigione
Other Release No.: LR-18905
AAER-2111 Sep. 28, 2004 Michael Martin and Malcolm E. McVay
Other Release No.: LR-18904
AAER-2110 Sep. 28, 2004 Sushil K. Garg and Garg Data International, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-18903
AAER-2109 Sep. 24, 2004 James T. Dooley, James E. Lorenz, III and John E. Isselmann, Jr.
Other No.: LR-18896
AAER-2108 Sep. 23, 2004 John E. Isselmann, Jr.
Other No.: 34-50428
AAER-2107 Sep. 22, 2004 Daniel S. Lezak
Other No.: 34-50424
AAER-2106 Sep. 22, 2004 Computer Associates International, Inc., Sanjay Kumar and Stephen Richards, and Steven Woghin
Other No.: LR-188091
AAER-2094 Sep. 8, 2004 Patrick Gentile and John Gorman
Other No.: LR-18871
AAER-2093 Sep. 8, 2004 John Gorman and Patrick Gentile
Other Nos.: 33-8481; 34-50329
AAER-2092 Sep. 1, 2004 Eric L. Mattson and James W. Harris
Other No.: LR-18863
AAER-2091 Aug. 31, 2004 Kevin P. Hannon, et al.
Other No.: LR-18862
AAER-2090 Aug. 26, 2004 U.S. Technologies, Inc. And C. Gregory Earls
Other Release No.: LR-18857
AAER-2089 Aug. 25, 2004 Aurora Foods, Inc.
Other Release No.: LR-18851
AAER-2088 Aug. 25, 2004 Mark E. Koenig
Other Release No.: LR-18849
AAER-2087 Aug. 24, 2004 Athena Diaz
Other Release No.: LR-18848
AAER-2085 Aug. 24, 2004 Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and The "Shell" Transport and Trading Co., p.l.c.
Other No.: 34-50233
AAER-2084 Aug. 23, 2004 Piranha, Inc., et al.
Other No.: LR-18842
AAER-2083 Aug. 23, 2004 Kenneth K. Livesay, et al.
Other No.: LR-18843
AAER-2082 Aug. , 2004 Kenneth K. Livesay, CPA
Other No.: 34-50225
AAER-2079 Aug. 12, 2004 Joseph Casuccio, CPA
Other No.: 34-50185
AAER-2078 Aug. 11, 2004 Gary L. Seidelman, CPA
Other No.: 34-50179
AAER-2077 Aug. 9, 2004 Scott C. Anixter, et al.
Other No.: LR-18823
AAER-2076 Aug. 5, 2004 Grant Thornton LLP, Doeren Mayhew & Co. P.C., Marvin J. Morris, CPA, Peter M. Behrens, CPA and Benedict P. Rybicki, CPA
Other No.: 34-50148
AAER-2075 Aug. 4, 2004 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Other No.: LR-18820
AAER-2072 Aug. 3, 2004 Halliburton Company, and Robert Charles Muchmore, Jr.
Other No.: 33-8452, 34-50137
AAER-2071 Aug. 3, 2004 Ronald H. Hoffman, CPA
Other No.: 34-50135
AAER-2070 Aug. 2, 2004 William F. Buettner, CPA
Other No.: 34-50134
AAER-2068 Jul. 30, 2004 Kenneth D. Rice
Other No.: LR-18815
AAER-2067 Jul. 29, 2004 Timothy J. Buzzelli
Other No.: 34-50121
AAER-2066 Jul. 29, 2004 Andrew J. Zahn, Philip J. Sexauer, and Cynthia K. Berryman
Other No.: LR-18809
AAER-2065 Jul. 28, 2004 Parmalat Finanziaria, S.p.A.,
Other No.: LR-18803
AAER-2028A Jul. 14, 2004 Paul Melvin Henson, Jr. and Lance Turner Fair
Other No.: LR-18733A
AAER-2056 Jul. 13, 2004 Ian Schottlaender
Other No.: LR-18782
AAER-2055 Jul. 12, 2004 Levine, Hughes, and Mithuen, Inc.
Other No.: LR-18778
AAER-2054 Jul. 9, 2004 Michael Karlins, CPA
Other No.: 34-49997
AAER-2053 Jul. 9, 2004 Levine, Hughes, and Mithuen, Inc.
Other No.: 33-8439
AAER-2052 Jul. 9, 2004 James Dean, CPA
Other No.: 34-49992
AAER-2051 Jul. 8, 2004 Richard A. Causey, Jeffrey K. Skilling and Kenneth L. Lay
Other No.: LR-18776
AAER-2050 Jul. 8, 2004 Kirk J. Dischino (CPA)
Other No.: 34-49984
AAER-2049 Jul. 6, 2004 ABB Ltd
Other No.: LR-18775

Modified: 02/03/2006