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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
April - June 2002

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-1586 Jun. 28, 2002 WorldCom, Inc.
Release No.:  LR-17594
AAER-1585 Jun. 27, 2002 WorldCom, Inc.
Release No.:  LR-17588
AAER-1584 Jun. 27, 2002 Moret Ernst & Young Accountants, n/k/a Ernst & Young Accountants
Release No.:  34-46130
AAER-1583 Jun. 26, 2002 John N. Brincat, Sr. and Bradley Vallem
Release No.:  LR-17586
AAER-1582 Jun. 21, 2002 Bruce Hill, et al., Richard P. Vatcher
Release No.:  LR-17578
AAER-1581 Jun. 21, 2002 Martin L. Grass, Frank M. Bergonzi and Franklin C. Brown
Release No.:  LR-17577
AAER-1580 Jun. 21, 2002 Timothy J. Noonan
Release No.:  34-46100
AAER-1579 Jun. 21, 2002 Rite Aid Corporation
Release No.:  34-46099
AAER-1578 Jun. 12, 2002 Paul Skulsky, et al.
Release No.:  LR-17558
AAER-1577 Jun. 14, 2002 John Daws, Thomas Butler and Mark Folit
Release No.:  LR-17564
AAER-1576 Jun. 12, 2002 Patrick O. Wheeler, Steven S. Gallers, and Robert L. Carberry
Release No.:  LR-17561
AAER-1575 Jun. 11, 2002 Aura Systems, Inc., et al., Gerald S. Papazian
Release No.:  LR-17557
AAER-1574 Jun. 10, 2002 Brian E. Bergeron and, Inc.
Release No.:  LR-17550
AAER-1573 Jun. 10, 2002, Inc., Kenneth E. Kurtzman, Brian E. Bergeron and, Inc.
Release No.:  34-46052
AAER-1572 Jun. 7, 2002 Gerald S. Papazian
Release Nos.: 33-81054 and 34-46048
AAER-1571 Jun. 7, 2002 Korea Data Systems USA, Inc., Lap Shun (John) Hui, and Bun (Ben) Wong
Release Nos.: 33-8104 and 34-46047
AAER-1570 Jun. 6, 2002 Madera International, Inc., Ramiro M. Fernandez-Moris, and Daniel S. Lezak
Release No.:  LR-17546
AAER-1569 Jun. 5, 2002 John F. Mortell, Thomas F. Wraback, William S. Edwards, Gregory D. Norton, Glenn P. Duffy, Jerry W. Ross and Gerald T. Barry
Release No.:  LR-17542
AAER-1568 Jun. 5, 2002 John K. Bradley
Release No.:  34-46035
AAER-1567 Jun. 5, 2002 James E. Slayton, CPA
Release Nos.: 34-46034, 33-8103
AAER-1566 Jun. 5, 2002 James E. Slayton, CPA
Release No.:  34-46033
AAER-1565 Jun. 5, 2002 Katrina Krug, CPA
Release No.:  34-46031
AAER-1564 Jun. 5, 2002 Advanced Technical Products, Inc., James S. Carter and Garrett L. Dominy
Release No.:  34-46030
AAER-1563 Jun. 3, 2002 Microsoft Corporation
Release No.:  34-46017
AAER-1562 May 30, 2002 James Murphy
Release No.:  LR-17538
AAER-1561 May 21, 2002 David Malmstedt and Mark Huetteman
Release No.:  LR-17524
AAER-1560 May 20, 2002 Alan K. Anderson
Release No.:  LR-17521
AAER-1559 May 20, 2002 Reza Mikailli, Gary F. Pado and Unify Corporation
Release No.:  LR-17522
AAER-1558 May 20, 2002 Ernst & Young LLP
Release No.:  34-45964
AAER-1557 May 20, 2002 Legato Systems, Inc. and Stephen Wise
Release No.:  34-45962
AAER-1556 May 16, 2002 Dennis M. Gaito, CPA
Release No.:  34-45941
AAER-1555 May 14, 2002 Edison Schools, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45925
AAER-1554 May 6, 2002 Carl E. Putnam, Donald C. Welchko, John P. Figurelli, Daryl T. Spinell, Ronald M. Bandyk, and Renee L. LeVault
Release No.:  LR-17504
AAER-1553 May 6, 2002 Anicom, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45880
AAER-1552 May 1, 2002 Michael A. Kolberg and Dale E. Huizenga
Release No.:  34-45853
AAER-1551 May 1, 2002 Serologicals Corporation, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45852
AAER-1550 Apr. 25, 2002 Surety Capital Corporation
Release No.:  34-45826
AAER-1549 Apr. 25, 2002 G. Matthias Heinzelmann, III
Release No.:  LR-17491
AAER-1548 Apr. 24, 2002 Kenneth W. Haver, CPA
Release No.:  LR-17489
AAER-1547 Apr. 24, 2002 Kenneth W. Haver, CPA
Release No.:  34-45814
AAER-1546 Apr. 23, 2002 Patrick Quinlan, Lee Wells, Keith Pietila, Alexander Ajemian, John O'Leary, Cheryl Swain and Kevin Lasky
Release No.:  LR-17484
AAER-1545 Apr. 22, 2002 Michael R. Drogin, CPA
Release No.:  34-45797
AAER-1544 Apr. 22, 2002 Byron Robert Lerner
Release No.:  LR-17481
AAER-1543 Apr. 22, 2002 Teltran International Group, Ltd.
Release Nos.: 33-8093 and 34-45796
AAER-1542 Apr. 11, 2002 Xerox Corporation
Release No.:  LR-17465
AAER-1541 Apr. 3, 2002 J. Donald Nichols, Jeb L. Hughes, and C. Sheldon Whittelsey
Release No.:  LR-17456
AAER-1540 Apr. 4, 2002 Miko Leung (a/k/a Leung Ming Kang) and Sit Wa Weung
Release No.:  LR-17458
AAER-1539 Apr. 2, 2002 David A. Thatcher
Release No.:  34-45683

Modified: 02/03/2006