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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
January - March 2005

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-2221 Mar. 31, 2005 Eric Tyra, Scott Wynne, Peter Berman, and Scott Carey
Other No.: LR-19163
AAER-2220 Mar. 29, 2005 Mark M. Iwan, CPA
Other No.: 34-51442
AAER-2219 Mar. 29, 2005 Anuradha D. Saad, Richard P. Adelson, David J. Cammarata, Peter Torres, Robert McKie, Karin Gardner and Kenneth Jugan
Other No.: LR-19159
AAER-x2218 Mar. 24, 2005 Kenneth W. Hawk, Michael J. Delargy, and Thomas R. De Jong
Other No.: LR-19156
AAER-2215 Mar. 21, 2005 James W. Barge, Pascal Desroches, and Wayne H. Pace
Other No.: 34-51400
AAER-2214 Mar. 18, 2005 Philip L. Pascale, CPA
Other No.: 33-8555
AAER-2215 Mar. 21, 2005 Time Warner Inc.
Other No.: LR-19147
AAER-2213 Mar. 16, 2005 Soulfood Concepts, Inc. and Markova Campbell
Other No.: LR-19138
AAER-2212 Mar. 15, 2005 Bryan K. Treadway, CPA
Other No.: 34-51375
AAER-2211 Mar. 15, 2005 Jennifer J. Tanner, f/k/a Jennifer J. Black
Other No.: 34-51374
AAER-2210 Mar. 15, 2005 Mark A. Schumacher
Other No.: 34-51373
AAER-2209 Mar. 15, 2005 Joseph P. Nacchio, Robert S. Woodruff, Robin R. Szeliga, Afshin Mohebbi, Gregory M. Casey, James J. Koslowski and Frank T. Noyes; Roger B. Hoaglund; William L. Eveleth
Other No.: LR-19136
AAER-2208 Mar. 15, 2005 Bryan K. Treadway
Other No.: LR-19135
AAER-2207 Mar. 15, 2005 Mark A. Schumacher
Other No.: LR-19134
AAER-2206 Mar. 7, 2005 Kenneth K. Livesay
Other No.: LR-19123
AAER-2205 Mar. 3, 2005 Issac A. Sutton
Other No.: LR-19116
AAER-2203 Mar. 4, 2005 William W. Canfield
Other No.: 33-8553
AAER-2202 Mar. 4, 2005 Talx Corporation
Other No.: 33-8552
AAER-2201 Mar. 4, 2005 William W. Canfield
Other No.: LR-19122
AAER-2200 Mar. 4, 2005 Craig N. Cohen
Other No.: LR-19121
AAER-2199 Mar. 4, 2005 TALX Corporation
Other No.: LR-19120
AAER-2198 Mar. 3, 2005 Eddie Richard Meche
Other No.: 33-8551
AAER-2197 Mar. 3, 2005 Hopper, et al.
Other No.: LR-19119
AAER-2196 Mar. 3, 2005 Thomas C. Trauger, CPA
Other No.: 34-51307
AAER-2195 Mar. 2, 2005 Jack Gaglio
Other No.: LR-19111
AAER-2194 Mar. 2, 2005 Sandra Miller Christie
Other No.: LR-19110
AAER-2193 Mar. 1, 2005 Humatech, Inc., David G. Williams, and John D. Rottweiler
Other No.: LR-19108
AAER-2192 Feb. 28, 2005 Steven J. Henke and Chan M. Desaigoudar
Other No.: LR-19102
AAER-2191 Feb. 25, 2005 Thomas C. Trauger, CPA, and Michael Mullen, CPA
Other No.: 34-51259
AAER-2190 Feb. 17, 2005 Symbol Technologies, Inc., et al.
Other No.: LR-19086
AAER-2189 Feb. 14, 2005 Craig Scott
Other No.: LR-19077
AAER-2187 Feb. 14, 2005 GE InVision, Inc. (formerly known as InVision Technologies, Inc.)
Other No.: LR-19078
AAER-2186 Feb. 14, 2005 GE InVision, Inc. (formerly known as InVision Technologies, Inc.)
Other No.: 34-51199
AAER-2185 Feb. 14, 2005 FFP Marketing Company, Inc., Warner Williams, and Craig Scott, CPA
Other No.: 34-51198
AAER-2184 Feb. 11, 2005 Gary F. Pado, CPA
Other No.: 34-51191
AAER-2183 Feb. 8, 2005 David Malmstedt
Other No.: LR-19068
AAER-2182 Feb. 8, 2005 Timothy A. DeSpain
Other No.: LR-19067
AAER-2181 Feb. 8, 2005 Elan Corporation, plc
Other No.: LR-19066
AAER-2180 Feb. 7, 2005 Danny Forest Whitt and John Terry Shields
Other No.: LR-19065
AAER-2179 Feb. 7, 2005 Raymond M. Bowen, Jr.
Other No.: LR-19063
AAER-2177 Jan. 26, 2005 Jonathan B. Orlick, Esq.
Other No.: 34-51081
AAER-2176 Jan. 21, 2005 Henry C. Yuen, et al.
Other No.: LR-19047
IA-2344 Jan. 24, 2005 William H. Black
Other No.: 34-51074
AAER-2174 Jan. 24, 2005 Robert C. Guccione
Other No.: 34-51073
AAER-2173 Jan. 24, 2005 Penthouse International, Inc., Charles Samel and Jason Galanis
Other No.: LR-19048
AAER-2172 Jan. 24, 2005 Daisytek International Corporation
Other No.: 33-8525
AAER-2171 Jan. 21, 2005 Monte S. Colbert, CPA
Other No.: 34-51065
AAER-2170 Jan. 19, 2005 Martin Julien Marks, CPA
Other No.: 34-51057
AAER-2169 Jan. 19, 2005 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Other No.: 34-51056
AAER-2167 Jan. 13, 2005 Mark A. Bailin, Kenneth H. Bowman, Timothy Neal Daly, Michael J. Hannigan, Peter O. Marion, John Nettle, Gordon Redgate, Bruce Robinson, Michael Rogers, Mark A. Bailin
Other No.: LR-19034
AAER-2166 Jan. 11, 2005 Resnick, et al.
Other No.: LR-19031
AAER-2165 Jan. 10, 2005 Charles Johnson, Jr., Chris Benyo, Michael Kennedy, John Tuli, and Kent Wakeford
Other No.: LR-19030
AAER-2165 Jan. 10, 2005 Charles Johnson, Jr., Chris Benyo, Michael Kennedy, John Tuli, and Kent Wakeford
Other No.: LR-19029
AAER-2163 Jan. 7, 2005 Ronald J. Hottovy, CPA
Other No.: 34-50995
AAER-2162 Jan. 6, 2005 Nancy R. Gazzigli
Other No.: LR-19025
AAER-2161 Jan. 6, 2005 BroadVision, Inc.
Other No.: 34-50987
AAER-2160 Jan. 6, 2005 Monsanto Company
Other No.: 34-50978
AAER-2159 Jan. 6, 2005 Monsanto Company
Other No.: LR-19023
AAER-2158 Jan. 6, 2005 Richard M. Wooten, CPA
Other No.: 34-50966

Modified: 02/03/2006