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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
January - March 2004

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-1982 Mar. 31, 2004 Margaret M. Gardner
Release Nos.: 34-49510
AAER-1981 Mar. 31, 2004 Richard H. Hawkins
Release Nos.: LR-18649
AAER-1980 Mar. 29, 2004 Gary H. Klein, CPA
Release Nos.: 34-49494
AAER-1979 Mar. 25, 2004 Cedric Kushner Promotions, Inc., Cedric Kushner, James DiLorenzo, Steven Angel
Release Nos.: LR-18638
AAER-1978 Mar. 17, 2004 CMS Energy Corp. and Terry Woolley
Release Nos.: 33-8403, 34-49432
AAER-1977 Mar. 17, 2004 Scott D. Sullivan
Release Nos.: 33-8402, 34-49431
AAER-1976 Mar. 12, 2004 David G. Sherman
Release No.: LR-18622
AAER-1975 Mar. 11, 2004 S. Dick and James S. Adams, formerly Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer of Conseco, Inc.
Release No.: LR-18621
AAER-1974 Mar. 10, 2004 Ed Johnson and MERL Holdings
Release No.: LR-18618
AAER-1973 Mar. 10, 2004 Conseco, Inc.
Release No.: 34-49392
AAER-1972 Mar. 10, 2004 BJ Services Company
Release No.: 34-49390
AAER-1971 Mar. 9, 2004 William H. Rinehart, Jonathan A. Beck, and Kevin P. Clark
Release No.: LR-18615
AAER-1970 Mar. 8, 2004 Richard P. Smyth, Arnold E. Johns, Jr., Michael J. Becker and Alan T. Davis
Release No.: LR-18612
AAER-1968 Mar. 5, 2004 Richard Rambahal, et al.
Release No.: LR-18608
AAER-1967 Mar. 4, 2004 DT Industries Inc.
Release No.: 34-49364
AAER-1966 Mar. 2, 2004 Scott D. Sullivan
Release No.: LR-18605
AAER-1965 Feb. 27, 2004 Jon Clark and Sarah Hume
Release No.: LR-18598
AAER-1964 Feb. 25, 2004 Don-Allen Ruttenberg
Release No.: LR-18595
AAER-1963 Feb. 25, 2004 ClearOne Communications, Inc et al.
Release No.: LR-18592
AAER-1962 Feb. 24, 2004 Steven F. Stork
Release No.: 34-49309
AAER-1961 Feb. 24, 2004 Steven L. Mortensen
Release No.: 34-49308
AAER-1960 Feb. 24, 2004 Christopher S. Hall
Release No.: 34-49307
AAER-1959 Feb. 19, 2004 Richard A. Causey and Jeffrey K. Skilling
Release No.: LR-18582
AAER-1958 Feb. 17, 2004 Dean A. Nichols
Release No.: LR-18578
AAER-1956 Feb. 10, 2004 Securities and Exchange Commission v. John R. Boyd, and Christopher Curbello
Release No.: LR-18572
AAER-1955 Feb. 6, 2004 Jonathan G. Epstein
AAER-1952 Feb. 4, 2004 James Thomas McCurdy
Release No. 34-49182
AAER-1951 Feb. 5, 2004 Cumulus Media Inc. et al.
Release No.: LR-18566
AAER-1950 Feb. 4, 2004 Richard R. Ross, CPA
Release Nos.: 33-8361, 34-49186
AAER-1948 Jan. 22, 2004 Lloyd Silverstein,
Release No.: LR-18552
AAER-1947 Jan. 22, 2004 Richard A. Causey,
Release No.: LR-18551
AAER-1946 Jan. 21, 2004 Hollinger International, Inc.
Release No.: LR-18550
AAER-1945 Jan. 20, 2004 Grant Thornton LLP, Doeren Mayhew & Co. P.C., Peter M. Behrens, CPA, Marvin J. Morris, CPA, and Benedict P. Rybicki, CPA
Release Nos. 33-8355, 34-49101
AAER-1944 Jan. 16, 2004 Corrpro Companies, Inc.
Release No.: LR-18547
AAER-1943 Jan. 15, 2004 Weiser LLP, Victor R. Wahba, CPA and Stuart A. Nussbaum, CPA
Release Nos.: 34-49082; 40-2208
AAER-1942 Jan. 14, 2004 Andrew S. Fastow
Release No.: LR-18543
AAER-1940 Jan. 13, 2004 Kevin J. Morrison, et al.
Release No.: LR-18540
AAER-1939 Jan. 9, 2004 Dorothy L. Mahler, John W. Bracewell, III, and Patricia L. Jones
Release No.: LR-18536
AAER-1938 Jan. 7, 2004 Robert Quattrone, et al.
Release No. LR-18534
AAER-1937 Jan. 6, 2004 Henry C. Yuen et al.
Release No. LR-18530

Modified: 02/03/2006