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Selected Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
January - March 2002

The list below provides links to financial reporting related enforcement actions concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in federal court and notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings. This list only highlights certain actions and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive compilation of all of the actions that fall into this category.

Release No.
AAER-1538 Mar. 28, 2002 Leonard J. Guida; Les B. Strauss
Release No.:  LR-17448
AAER-1537 Mar. 28, 2002 David T. Dodge
Release No.:  34-45666
AAER-1536 Mar. 28, 2002 PictureTel Corp. and Les B. Strauss
Release No.:  34-45665
AAER-1535 Mar. 27, 2002 Dale Peterson, et al.
Release No.:  LR-17439
AAER-1534 Mar. 27, 2002 Signal Technology Corporation
Release No.:  34-45655
AAER-1533 Mar. 27, 2002 Kimberly-Clark Corporation and John W. Donehower
Release No.:  34-45653
AAER-1532 Mar. 26, 2002 Dean L. Buntrock, Phillip B. Rooney, James E. Koenig, Thomas C. Hau, Herbert A. Getz, and Bruce D. Tobecksen
Release No.:  LR-17435
AAER-1531 Mar. 21, 2002 Harold J. Macsata
Release No.:  LR-17426
AAER-1530 Mar. 21, 2002 Uri Evan, Joseph S. Cohen, and Frederick J. Horowitz
Release No.:  34-45615
AAER-1529 Mar. 21, 2002 Daniel Parker
Release No.:  34-45614
AAER-1528 Mar. 21, 2002 Harlan Schier
Release No.:  34-45613
AAER-1527 Mar. 21, 2002 Frank Valdez
Release No.:  34-45612
AAER-1526 Mar. 21, 2002 Keith Spero
Release No.:  34-45611
AAER-1525 Mar. 20, 2002 Lisa M. Beuche, CPA
Release No.:  34-45596
AAER-1524 Mar. 18, 2002 Elaine A. Decker, CPA
Release No.:  34-45588
AAER-1523 Mar. 18, 2002 David Held, CPA
Release No.:  34-45587
AAER-1522 Mar. 18, 2002 Timothy S. Heyerdahl, CPA
Release No.:  34-45586
AAER-1521 Mar. 13, 2002 John P. Gallo; Lawrence N. Zitto; Donald J. MacPhee
Release No.:  LR-17410
AAER-1520 Mar. 12, 2002 IGI, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45553
AAER-1519 Mar. 12, 2002 Donald J. MacPhee
Release No.:  34-45552
AAER-1518 Mar. 12, 2002 William A. Dickson and Stephen P. Collins
Release No.:  34-45551
AAER-1517 Mar. 12, 2002 Frederick W. Kolling, III, CPA
Release No.:  34-45550
AAER-1516 Mar. 12, 2002 Paul Skulsky, et al.
Release No.:  LR-17407
AAER-1515 Mar. 6, 2002 Jon Jeffrey King, et al.; American Telephone + Data, Inc., William Posnett Lynas, III, Janeen Huxhurst-Lynas, and Daniel W. Kratochvil
Release No.:  LR-17398
AAER-1514 Mar. 6, 2002 Raece Richardson, David McKenzie, Cameron Gorges, and Freestar Technologies
Release No.:  LR-17397
AAER-1513 Mar. 6, 2002 James E. Slayton, CPA
Release Nos.: 33-8067 and 34-45509
AAER-1512 Mar. 5, 2002 Kenneth W. Haver
Release No.:  LR-17394
AAER-1511 Mar. 5, 2002 Telxon Corporation, Gary L. Grand, and James G. Cleveland
Release No.:  34-45507
AAER-1510 Mar. 5, 2002 Kevin R. Andersen, CPA
Release No.:  34-45502
AAER-1509 Mar. 1, 2002 Eagle Building Technologies, Inc. and Anthony Damato
Release No.:  LR-17389
AAER-1508 Feb. 20, 2002 J. Donald Nichols, Jeb L. Hughes, and C. Sheldon Whittelsey, IV
Release No.:  LR-17366
AAER-1507 Feb. 20, 2002 JDN Realty Corporation
Release No.:  34-45458
AAER-1506 Feb. 14, 2002 International Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc., and Nunzio DeSantis
Release No.:  LR-17361
AAER-1505 Feb. 13, 2002 William H. Warner and Robert J. Quigley
Release No.:  34-45441
AAER-1504 Feb. 5, 2002 David A. Thatcher and Timothy J. Ganley
Release No.:  LR-17353
AAER-1503 Feb. 5, 2002 Critical Path, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45393
AAER-1502 Jan. 30, 2002 Patrick O. Wheeler, Steven S. Gallers, Robert L. Carberry
Release No.:  LR-17346
AAER-1501 Jan. 30, 2002 Cyberguard Corporation, William D. Murray, Tommy D. Steele
Release No.:  34-45362
AAER-1500 Jan. 16, 2002 Thomas W. Lambach
Release No.:  LR-17319
AAER-1499 Jan. 16, 2002 Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.
Release No.:  34-45287
AAER-1498 Jan. 15, 2002 Nelson Barber
Release No.:  LR-17314
AAER-1497 Jan. 15, 2002 William P. Trainor, Vincent D. Celentano, Medical Diagnostic Products, Inc. (f/k/a Novatek International, Inc., Karen Losordo, Diane M. Trainor, Daniel J. Trainor, Geraldine Trainor and Mary N. Celentano
Release No.:  LR-17313
AAER-1496 Jan. 15, 2002 Nelson Barber, CPA
Release No.:  34-45280
AAER-1495 Jan. 15, 2002 BellSouth Corporation
Release No.:  LR-17310
AAER-1494 Jan. 15, 2002 BellSouth Corporation
Release No.:  34-45279
AAER-1493 Jan. 14, 2002 Michael A. Porter
Release No.:  LR-17309
AAER-1492 Jan. 14, 2002 R. Bruce Acacio
Release No.:  LR-17308
AAER-1491 Jan. 14, 2002 KPMG LLP
Release Nos.: 34-45272 and IC-25360
AAER-1489 Jan. 8, 2002 David C. Guenthner and Jay M. Samuelson
Release No.:  LR-17297
AAER-1488 Jan. 7, 2002 James E. Slayton
Release No.:  34-45245
AAER-1487 Jan. 7, 2002 Carol Conway Dewees
Release No.:  34-45243
AAER-1486 Jan. 7, 2002 California Software Corporation
Release Nos.: 33-8053 and 34-45242
AAER-1485 Jan. 3, 2002 Financial Asset Management, Inc., James B. Rader and Debra L. Kennedy
Release Nos.: 33-8052, 34-45224 and IA-2007
AAER-1484 Jan. 2, 2002 R. Bruce Acacio
Release No.:  LR-17292

Modified: 02/03/2006