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Notice of Hearing on Contested Claims in Wealth International Case

In the Commission's civil action, SEC v. Wealth International, et al., the assets of four companies (Wealth International Network, Discovery Financial Investments, Brady International, Inc., and Sterling Consortium Holdings, Inc.) were combined to be distributed to those who were owed money by any of the four companies. The Court appointed William G. Hays as "Distribution Agent" to process and approve claims that were filed before the January 7, 1997, deadline set by the Court

The Distribution Agent has objected to claims from some creditors and investors, who have been informed of these objections. The Court has now ordered that those creditors and investors be given notice that they must appear before the Court (at the date and time indicated in the notice) if they disagree with the Distribution Agent's objections to their claims. Please see the notice for this and other important information.