Subject: File No.
From: Ron H Gosworth

March 6, 2017

We have all heard about the Law being an [redacted].

And there was not too much law of the land around when President Trumps ancestors were mining in the arctic.

The situation of competition for minerals, a good example is Syria across to Iran and Saudi across Iraq.

Here the proxy war of US v Russia has cost a huge loss of life and livelihood for residents of those regions, not to mention the military losses.

Many of us are bemused by the laws and treaties relevant to US and investor interests.

Inevitable there will continue to be conflicts, especially where overseas territory and ragged rule is the field of activity.

Call it Duplicity, Diplomacy or otherwise people should be respected and protected viz David and Goliath.

Heartless profits at any expense, yes, are the very root of all evil.

Moderation and Strength can be brothers.