Subject: File No.
From: Eric R. West
Affiliation: President, E. R. West Associates, Inc.

March 6, 2017

First of all, it would appear that Acting Chairman Piwowar's statements about there being no evidence that the Conflict Minerals Rule is not doing what it was intended to do are patently false. This raises the question about his integrity in doing the job he is doing as Acting Chair.

Secondly, voting to change the Conflict Minerals Rule should be considered a crime, because by doing so the SEC would be advocating support for military and corrupt government officials to be free to enslave, brutalize and otherwise harm the miners and their families at these mines. If you are helping these people, you are part of the crime.

The United States should never advocate any process that makes it possible for military and corrupt governments to have an increase supply of funds to carry out their heinous crimes.