Subject: File No.
From: Denyse Creesy, RDH

March 6, 2017

Chairman Piwowar,
6 million people have died in the war over conflict minerals in the DRC. As many as the Holocaust and counting. 1,100, yes 1,100 women and young girls are brutally raped PER DAY to the point of needing reconstructive surgery, if they can get that help. Countless become pregnant due to the rapes, many die in childbirth. The products of these rapes, babies, are put in deplorable orphanages. Many don't live to age 5. PLEASE do not let this continue. Follow the example of Intel and Apple Corps. and only allow conflict-free minerals out of the DRC. Stop this 20+ year war there and the collateral damage to women and children You have the power right now, right this second, to stop inhumane atrocities that are happening. Choose people/humanity like Brian Krzanich of Intel and Steve Jobs of Apple have done. Do not let these crimes against humanity continue.This is too important to ignore.