Subject: File No.
From: Robert W. Justis
Affiliation: President, Justis Consulting

March 6, 2017

Dear Commissioner Piwowar,

I am saddened to hear you find the Conflict Minerals Rule to be "misguided". The word "misguided" implies you favor the abuse this rule was intended to prevent. Please confirm that you do not support the violence in the Congo and elsewhere. Please also confirm that you value human life over corporate profits.

If this rule is ineffective because of the stay, then I would appreciate the SEC finding a remedy to the stay. If this rule is otherwise ineffective, I would appreciate you revising the rule to make it effective. Abandoning the rule because the SEC is impotent in this matter, would certainly reflect badly on you.

As a consumer, it is important that I can access information about the companies I purchase from and their conflict minerals sourcing practices. I do not want my purchases to support violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Additionally, I believe transparent supply chains are an important indicator of a company's overall stability, which is a key factor for making both purchasing and investment decisions.